3 Food Swaps for Weight Loss: Summer Edition

Don’t let summer sweets overcome your weight loss journey. A few simple food swaps can help you reach your goal weight. Learn about the 3 simple food swaps for weight loss you can implement this summer.

3 Food Swaps for Weight Loss

Picking what you eat during the day should be exciting. Healthy foods can be easy and delicious! It’s also acceptable to splurge once in a while. Denying treats leads to cravings, which result in binging. Pick one tasty treat to satisfy your hunger and fill the rest of your meals with healthy options. When you are struggling with the options available, try swapping out these typical summer treats with more wholesome alternatives.

We divided our food swap suggestions into three categories to help you make easy, intuitive choices:

●      Fair food: Eating at carnivals, amusement parks, and events

●      Picnic: Eating in a group or family setting

●      Drinks: Drinking with friends and family


Fair Food Swaps

Curve temptations at the fair by making smart choices. Grab corn on the cob or a pretzel instead of a funnel cake. Stick to fruit on a stick for your sweet treat. Avoid or go light on fried foods and sugary snacks.

Pro tip: Get splurge snacks to share with friends and family!

Picnic Swaps

Avoid heavy sugars and fried foods, don’t drink your calories, or splurge when you’re at a picnic or gathering. Swap out items like cole slaw for fresh fruits and vegetables. Watermelon and fresh tomatoes with ground pepper are two refreshing examples. If you bring food, try salads decorated in your favorite toppings: avocado, corn, tomato, red onion, radishes, chicken, blue cheese crumbles, etc.


Drinks with the Squad

Be aware of extra sugar, whether you’re out for Sunday brunch, headed for a family outing, or attending happy hour with your colleagues. A 16-ounce smoothie that you buy at a stand has about 14 teaspoons of sugar. Iced coffee drinks have up to 1,000 calories. Look for light or “skinny” versions of drinks. Try flavored seltzer water to jazz up your water.

Most Important Summer Rule

 Before beginning your hot summer day fun, drink a lot of water. The heat can make you feel munchie for sweet and salty foods. Try not to consume your calories. Staying hydrated is always good for you. Increasing your water intake will make you feel fuller, causing you to eat less. Drink only zero-sugar, low-calorie drinks if you’re drinking something besides water. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.


Need More Help?

If food has you overwhelmed, try options built for weight loss. You can get plenty of guilt-free snacks ready to go and mitigate the stress of planning meals.

The most successful way to maintain healthy habits is with a support system. Get a professional involved if you struggle with staying on track with your healthy habits. With a licensed professional, motivation and decision-making skills come more easily. For help with your weight loss journey, get in touch with one of our licensed physicians or visit Advanced Medical Weight Loss to learn more.

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