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5 Tummy Tips to Slim Down for The Summer

Everyone wants to feel their best during summer! Cute sundresses, tight swimsuits, and less bulky attire like sweaters all show summer is coming in. Looking good in warm weather attire is a common reason to want to lose weight, especially in the tummy area. Belly fat is often the most visible in summer clothing, especially swimwear. To drop a few pounds and slim down your tummy, follow these Advanced Medical Weight Loss experts’ tips!


Move More Throughout the Day

Some people wake up and work out immediately to get their exercise out of the way. At the same time, this is an excellent habit to have and can lead to increased energy and a boosted mood during the day. It’s essential to continue moving as the hour’s tick. Being stuck at a desk during your workday or lounging on the couch at home won’t help you slim down your tummy, even if you’ve worked out in the morning. Instead, medical weight loss experts suggest getting more movement during the day, and it doesn’t need to be a huge change! Try setting the alarm to get up and walk around for just five minutes per hour. Regular movement will boost your metabolism and help burn fat regularly, which makes this tip one of our best for flattening your tummy!


Lower Your Sodium Intake

Many summer foods are laden with salt. Sodium isn’t necessarily detrimental to your diet; you should never cut sodium out entirely. Unfortunately, too much sodium leads to water retention, which bloats the tummy area badly. Water retention can lead to sluggishness, poor focus, and of course, visible puffiness. It’s best to avoid this if you’re seeking a flat tummy, so follow this tip and avoid sodium-laden foods this summer.


Get Plenty of Sleep

How much sleep each person needs varies from human to human, but at least seven hours is the standard. Rest does much more than hitting the reset button for your body. A good night’s sleep can increase your serotonin, boosting your mood throughout the day. Proper sleep lets your body heal from any exercise done throughout the day and is an essential step in any weight loss journey. Adequate sleep will prepare you physically and mentally to make good choices, making it a top tip for tummy toning.


Eat More Frequently

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating more frequently can help you lose weight. Small meals every few hours keep your body working to burn them off. When you eat a large meal, your body has to push more resources into your stomach to offset the meal. It can leave you feeling like you need a nap instead of energized. The insulin spike caused by large meals, especially carb or sugar-heavy meals, is detrimental to weight loss. Avoid it by eating smaller meals more frequently. A good meal plan starts with breakfast, followed by a small snack, then lunch, a small snack mid-afternoon, and dinner.


Track Your Every Move (and Bite!)

The best thing you can do for any weight loss, including tummy-targeting, is tracking your every move and bite. People overestimate their calorie consumption by up to 50% on average without proper tracking, which is enough to stop even the best weight loss plan in its tracks! Buy a planner or download a calorie-tracking app like MyFitnessPal. Talk about your goals and come up with a meal plan with your medical weight loss expert. Write down everything you eat and align it with every time you exercise. Tracking your calorie intake is one of the best tips for controlling your tummy!

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