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5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Diet During the Quarantine

The stay at home order mandating Las Vegas residents to stay inside to avoid COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down. Not going to work or the gym translates to very little personal day-to-day order. You may find yourself ‘boredom eating’ or turning to comfort food more often than usual during this confusing time. Try to avoid falling into the ‘Quarantine 15’ trap by taking this unprecedented home time to change your diet. Some of the best weight loss trends around are perfect for being at home 24/7.  Resist the urge to overeat by following one of the below popular weight loss trends.

1. Mediterranean Diet

Based on the traditional diet found in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Greece, the Mediterranean Diet is a weight loss trend rooted in a variety of heart-healthy foods. Olive oil, Omega-3 packed fish, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables make up the basis of the Mediterranean Diet. Poultry, eggs, red meat and dairy are kept to a minimum to limit the consumption of cholesterol. Sugary foods are out, along with processed foods and oils. The reason this weight loss trend is so popular is it gives a lot of wiggle room in the realm of choice. You have a wide variety of healthy ingredients to choose from which makes it feel less like you’re sacrificing something tasty in lieu of health. The downside is a lot of foods that are okay on the Mediterranean Diet are still relatively easy to overindulge on. Olive oil, one of the staples in this diet, still packs a whopping 110 calories per tablespoon. While you do get a lot of options to choose from, you still need to be careful not to take in too many calories to avoid weight gain.


2. Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet (also known as ‘keto’) is almost closer to a lifestyle than a weight loss trend. The keto diet is a fast-acting way to shed a lot of weight through science. We’ve talked about what makes this diet special before but it’s hard to overstate just how effective it is. By limiting carb consumption to an extreme degree (usually less than 5-10% of your total daily intake) the body turns fat stores into ‘ketones’. These ketones are then burned for energy in place of the carbohydrates it would usually burn. The result is you drop pounds very quickly! Keto is a popular trend not just because of the breathtaking weight loss results but also due to you getting to eat traditionally not-diet-friendly foods such as cheese and bacon. Who could complain about that?


3. Paleo

The Ketogenic Diet’s cousin is the Paleo Diet. While they’re related there are differences between the two. The way Paleo works is by only eating foods our ancestors feasibly could have eaten. This includes meat, fruit, whole starches such as potatoes, and vegetables. It removes tempting processed foods which are easy to overindulge on such as bread, rice, or sugary snacks. While it may seem simple, the downside of this weight loss trend is just how much convenience is tied up in processing foods. For example, you’re allowed to have a peach but not canned peaches. Tomatoes are fine but steer clear of prepared tomato sauce. By limiting your diet to whole foods it’s easy to get the nutritional content your body needs to feel satiated, making this a healthy weight loss trend to follow.

4. Intermittent Fasting

What better time to try intermittent fasting than when you can sleep in all you want? One of the most buzzed-about weight loss trends within the last decade has been intermittent fasting. Instead of the traditional restrictive diet of watching what you eat, IT asks you to pay attention to when you eat. The way the diet works is by only eating within a set period, such as noon to 8:00 p.m.. Between those hours you are allowed to have your normal diet. The thought process behind this is that you will naturally reduce calorie intake by reducing the amount of time you can devote to eating. Over time your body adjusts to the limited hours and you consume less overall food.

5. Medical Weight Loss

There is no better weight loss trend to follow than doctor’s orders. Medical weight loss assistance is one of the proven ways to shed (and keep off!) unwanted pounds. All weight loss starts with a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you take in). Start your weight loss journey with the online Weight Loss Calculator to determine your ideal caloric intake. Quarantine means staying at home as much as possible but you can always keep in touch with the experts at Advanced Medical Weight Loss either online through regularly updated relatable blogs or on the phone.

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