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Achieve Your Goals with Medical Weight Loss

Top medical weight-loss methods

Medical weight loss techniques combine lab testing and counseling to assist clients in determining the best weight loss methods. Metabolic testing, hormone balancing, weight loss medications, and dealing with prescription drugs that cause weight gain are among the most effective techniques to achieve medical weight loss.


Metabolic Issues

Slower metabolisms have difficulty losing weight through diet and exercise changes alone. People with slower metabolisms require a different approach to weight loss. Medical weight loss employs techniques that are specifically tailored to the individual.

Gender, age, and muscle mass are all factors that influence metabolism. Unfortunately, our metabolism slows as we get older, resulting in less energy and, in most cases, weight gain.

Exercise, diet, medications, and other methods can all help to increase your metabolism, regardless of age. Advanced Medical Weight Loss staff can help determine if a sluggish or slowing metabolism contributes to weight gain.


Specific exercise routines are required

Exercise routines must be geared toward fat loss, resulting from workouts that combine cardiovascular development and muscle building. Running, biking, swimming, and cross-country skiing are all cardiovascular exercises that burn many calories.

The body is forced to burn fat to adjust to these high-intensity workouts. Furthermore, the muscles strengthened by these activities replace fat with muscle. As a result, people with slower metabolisms have more difficulty losing weight through diet and exercise changes alone.

People with slower metabolisms require a different approach to weight loss. Medical weight loss employs techniques that are specifically tailored to the individual.

B12 Shots for Weight Loss

Most vitamin B12 weight loss research involves people who have undergone weight loss surgery. The B12 supplement shots were given in these cases to help correct or protect against B12 deficiency. Others have looked into B12 shots to help reduce deficits caused by other factors. No studies evaluate the impact of a B12 injection on human weight loss efforts. According to research, overweight people tend to be deficient in Vitamin B12.

A 2020 review published in Nutrients found a link between vitamin B12 deficiency and increased body weight. This link was present in both children and adults. It was also discovered that as B12 deficiency increased, insulin resistance increased. As a result, low vitamin B12 levels may play a role in obesity.

Coping with medication to lose weight

Many medications have unwanted side effects, including inhibition of weight gain or weight loss. These medications alter body chemistry, which sometimes affects the body\’s fat-building processes. Medications interact differently depending on the person. Lab results can help determine whether a drug is causing a problem, such as a slower metabolism.

Prescriptions commonly cause medication-induced weight gain for epilepsy, depression, arthritis, and high blood pressure. Weight fluctuations are also familiar with antihistamine and birth control prescriptions.


Education and Lifestyle Change

Dietary counseling is necessary because education is essential to making lifestyle changes. Rather than telling people to avoid certain foods, dietary counseling helps them understand how certain foods affect their body weight, making it easier for them to make healthier nutritional choices.

Hormone Balancing for Weight Loss

Our hormones influence our body weight and various other critical health factors. Regarding weight, certain hormones encourage the body to conserve fat while others aid in reducing bloat and developing lean muscle.

Because hormones play an essential role in body weight, some clients struggle to lose weight despite rigorous exercise routines and sensible diet plans.

Cortisol, insulin, estrogen, and testosterone are all hormones that interfere with weight loss.

Fat-burning injection

Fat-burning injections are incredibly effective as a more effective weight-loss plan. You will lose weight faster if you speed up your metabolism and increase the amount of fat you burn.

There are several types of fat shots, each with slightly different ingredients, but in general, fat-burning injections can contain the following components:

  • Glutathione
  • MIC & GAC
  • Vitamin C
  • B-complex
  • D3
  • L-Carnitine

At Advanced Medical Weight Loss, you can begin your weight loss journey.

If you’ve been putting off starting a weight loss routine, a consultation with a medical weight loss expert can help. For more information, contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss.

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