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Best Ways to Shed Belly Fat For The Summer

Summer is closing in, and belly fat is one of the most challenging kinds of fat to lose. As you age, your fat tends to settle around the midsection. In addition, having children, yo-yo dieting, and normal aging all damage your stomach’s skin elasticity, which makes fat more noticeable. However, your weight loss goals are not hopeless! Our Weight Loss experts have put together this list of the best ways to shed belly fat for the summer.

Up Your Vitamin and Mineral Intake Drastically

You’ve probably heard drinking water before a meal can help you lose weight. Drinking water could help you satiate your thirst and send full signals to your brain, enabling you to eat less. Just like your mind may be the confusing thirst for hunger, your body can mix up a lack of vitamins and poor overall nutrition. When you try a weight loss plan, your diet changes drastically. In the course of cutting out calories, you may also cut out valuable vitamins and minerals. Should your body notice it’s missing these nutrients, it could think you’re running low on food sources and hold onto fat more stubbornly. It’s crucial to introduce a full range of vitamins to your body regularly so it can function correctly and shed unwanted fat (especially in the belly area!).


Create a Customized Exercise Program

Exercise takes time and dedication. At the same time, some people will see improvements from cardio. Others see success from weight lifting. Everyone sees progress from a custom exercise program. The team at Advanced Medical Weight Loss can assess your current body composition, fitness level, and other varying factors to develop a plan that works specifically for your needs. Depending on your body composition and abilities, it may be as simple as walking for 45 minutes a day or as aggressive as an hour of high-intensity interval training. Don’t be shy – schedule an appointment today to find out what will work for you!


Make Simple Food Swaps

If diving into a new exercise program is too much for you right now, start small. Weight loss is about sustainable changes, so it’s sometimes a good idea to make individual steps instead of a giant leap. Consider swapping one meal out for a healthier option. If you usually get a pasta dish from a local restaurant for dinner, reach for a high protein Protein-VLC substitute from the Advanced Medical Weight Loss offerings. Rather than a heavy, carb-laden breakfast in the morning, shoot for a lighter smoothie instead! Swap fatty snacks like chips or candy for Protein-Bars or a nutritious shake. The variety of alternatives on the market is endless, so give your weight loss expert a call for their suggestion!

Have HCG In Your Back Pocket

For someone looking to kickstart their weight loss plan, HCG may be the best option. As a prescription medication, HCG works in tandem with a deficient calorie diet to help you burn up to 4,000 calories a day. That’s over a pound a day! When you lose weight rapidly, your body tends to take it from the places it’s been built up in first. With the Advanced Medical Weight Loss team’s guidance and adherence to the HCG plan, you could shed unwanted belly fat within just a few weeks. Contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss today to learn more!

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