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Diet Plan: How to Stick with it

Even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry, and diet plans are no exception. Losing weight and being healthier is the number one New Year’s Resolution in America, but so many people struggle with sticking to their diet plan. There’s countless advice bombarding you from every direction; eat more protein, eat fewer animal products, only eat vegetables, and on it goes. It’s a common challenge to stay dedicated to your diet plan when you get so much conflicting advice, and many people find once they fall off their nutritional wagon it’s harder to get back up. There’s no need to sweat it because the experts at Advanced Medical Weight Loss are here to show you how to stick to your diet plan.

Getting Started

When you first start a plan, you get excited about it! You’re making grocery lists for healthy foods, plotting out your gym schedule, and feeling good about ordering water instead of a beer during happy hour. Unfortunately, as time goes on it’s harder and harder to stick to a chicken, rice, and veggie dinner every night of the week while watching your friends tucking into some hearty pasta. The number one thing we find helps patients who are embarking on a weight loss journey is to be realistic. Unrealistic goals such as saying you’ll drop 10 pounds in a week is only going to put undue pressure on you, which leads to disappointment when it doesn’t happen. Remember your diet plan is not just a diet – it’s a lifestyle change. Moderation is key, so you can enjoy that glass of wine or chicken wings as long as you don’t go overboard. Many people find a single slip up can lead to them dropping their plan entirely, but if this happens don’t fret. You can restart your diet plan with a vitamin-packed fat burner shot and get right back to your healthy lifestyle.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating and tracking your consumption is key to any diet plan. You’re in complete control of what you put into your mouth, and knowing exactly what you eat is key to sticking to your diet plan. Tracking your food has never been easier, with apps such as MyFitnessPal, which have built-in calorie and macro counts for a massive database of foods. Some people find it cathartic to physically write down their meals in a diary, some choose to use tech to track. However you do it, make sure to be regular! Being mindful of what you eat will lead to making healthier choices consistently, keeping you on the path to weight loss. Some find it easier to stick with pre-selected food options, but make sure to talk to a weight loss expert about a prescription weight loss plan to get the right ones for you!

Remove the Temptation

When you start a diet plan, start fresh! Toss any high-calorie or high-sugar foods and replace them with healthier options. You can avoid the temptation of the snack drawer if you simply don’t keep a snack drawer. Tossing the sugary sodas and restocking your fridge. Healthy foods at the beginning of your diet plan will ensure you get off on the right foot and stay in stride with your plan. Many people find bringing healthy snacks, such as protein-packed trail mix, helps them avoid grabbing something unhealthy when hunger hits. We’ve even got a full selection of healthy, nutritious snacks and meal replacements to keep you feeling satisfied! Contact the experts at Advanced Medical Weight Loss today by calling 702-897-9797.

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