Drop Fat Fast With Lipo Shots for Weight Loss

Lipo shots for weight loss are changing the weight loss experience. People want fast and reliable ways to shed pounds when seeking a healthy lifestyle. These lipo shots for weight loss effectively kickstart your journey for the best results. Learn what lipotropic shots can do for you from weight loss professionals in Las Vegas.

What Is a Lipotropic Shot?

Lipotropic injections combine essential nutrients to promote your body\’s natural ability to lose weight. Yes, these shots are administered with a needle! Have a fear of needles? Click here. 

What is in a lipo shot? 

  • Vitamins B6 & B12
  • Inositol
  • Choline
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Phentermine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Methionine

Your provider determines the exact dosage and frequency of shots. A medical weight loss professional works with you to create obtainable goals and make a custom plan because every individual body has unique capabilities for weight loss. 

Lipotropic shots enhance the effects of new healthy weight loss routines. A common misconception is that they will cause weight loss without introducing diet and exercise into your routines. Combining new habits and lipo shots improves your body\’s ability to burn fat and calories at peak efficiency. (Later in this blog, we will also include details about our specialized shots provided by our clinic.)


Why a Lipo Shot for Weight Loss is Effective

Lipo shots work in several ways. They reduce your body\’s ability to store fat while enhancing liver health, thus boosting your metabolism and improving your ability to burn fat. These shots also contribute to lean muscle mass, resulting in more efficient fat burning.

Lipo shots work faster and more efficiently than taking dietary supplements orally. Oral supplements must be passed through the digestive system and broken down before they begin to work, whereas shots are delivered straight into the bloodstream. (Find more information about fat burner shots here.)

Other Benefits of Shots for Weight Loss

Weight loss shots offer many other benefits that improve your quality of life. One example is the increased metabolism rate which boosts stamina and endurance. The ingredients increase nutrient absorption, and vitamin B12 provides energy, boosts your mood, and raises mental clarity by improving oxygen flow to the brain.

Our Weight Loss Shots

Advanced Medical Weight Loss created unique shots for weight loss that include additional health benefits. It consists of a super vitamin cocktail built to improve health and well-being. The formula consists of vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin B5, B-complex, and more. The shots contain these ingredients because of their relation to common deficiencies that result in poor health. For example, a vitamin D deficiency affects bone health. Including it in the formula is one way we can make a difference in your overall health journey. (Learn more about our medical weight loss clinic in Las Vegas.)


Our clinic builds complete and comprehensive approaches to improving your health. Incorporating shots for weight loss is one of many ways we collaborate with you to improve your life. Contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss to learn more about how to begin your weight loss journey today!

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