Weight Loss Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

Easy Weight Loss Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

Are you looking for weight loss tips for stay at home moms? Many people dive into complex weight loss task lists with the best of intentions but then get lost along the way. If you’re having trouble dropping those pounds, first, know that you’re not alone. Get on track with super easy weight loss tips for stay at home moms.

You Are Not Alone

The first thing to know in the busy mom’s guide to weight loss is millions of people are going through this struggle, too! Look for support from your friends, family, and online weight loss support groups. Finding your support team provides the understanding and encouragement you need to stay on the horse. Get the kids involved, too!

Avoid Fad Diets

One thing you should never do is sign on to a fad diet. While initial results are typical, the problem with diets isn’t losing weight. Once you stop or are not capable of eating so little, the weight returns. These fad diets rely on losing weight with tactics that cannot be maintained and are not healthy for long-term results. On top of that, it is hard to include the family in the food choices when you are only eating protein.


Keep It Simple

You can stick to simple habits that require minimal effort, and with time and patience, you’ll see that they work. Start by taking a few minutes every week to plan your meals with quality control in mind. You’ll be amazed at what a change this can make. Task your 4-year-old to pick salad toppings, or ask your 9-year-old what their favorite fruit is. Cooking can be fun, and planning your meals makes the whole family more mindful.

Next, let go of the sodas, juices, and even coffee during the day. Switch to just drinking water. (If you are a coffee lover, steer clear of ALL sugars!)Throw out those sugary and salty treats and replace them with radishes, carrots, apples, etc. 


Our last tip is simple: get moving! We, of course, recommend exercise. However, busy moms don’t always have a schedule that allows for gym commitment. Get up every hour or so and walk around for 15 minutes. It is proven that walking will improve your metabolism rate. Take the kids to the park and walk laps around the playground, and take a breather through the school halls while your basketball star is at practice.

You’ll notice that this easy weight loss plan for moms is centered around healthy habits. That’s the best way to go about losing weight — get into a routine and make healthy living choices every day. A simple secret to weight loss is this: Your body loves a schedule, and if you can create and stick to one, the pounds will fall away. Your energy will return, and best of all, because you included your family along the way, they will help remind you to stay the course of these new routines. 


Ask the Experts

Being a mom means your plate is FULL. The last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed by your health. Our licensed physicians oversee our medically supervised weight loss programs centered around success, longevity, and support. If you’d like more guidance on how you can achieve your goals, we’re ready to help with advice and resources. Contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss to learn more!

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