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Fastest Ways to Eliminate Chin Fat

Have you ever turned on your cell phone’s camera accidentally and snapped an unflattering picture of the rolls under your chin? Most people have! The front-facing camera isn’t your friend when you have an excessive chin or submental fat. Most people, especially women, gain at least some chin fat as they age.

Chin fat is a layer of fat or skin that forms underneath your jaw. Weight gain is the leading cause of chin fat, but a lack of skin elasticity is also a likely culprit. As you age, your skin naturally loses some of it’s bounce-back, making it sag. Either way, no one wants to have a double chin, so we’ve put together our fastest ways to eliminate chin fat!

Exercises To Decrease Your Double Chin

A bit of bad news: there isn\’t hard evidence that any exercise, in particular, will help decrease the visibility of chin fat. There is, however, plenty of anecdotal evidence (people who have tried it and say it worked for them). The science isn\’t quite there yet, but it never hurts to try!

Simple exercises, such as regularly nodding your head entirely up and then ultimately down or holding a small ball between your chest and chin for a set amount of time, has the potential to increase the elasticity of your skin. As with any exercise, clear it with your weight loss or medical professional before starting. There is a chance you can hurt your neck with even basic stretches.

A Healthy Diet To Reduce Chin Fat

The best thing proven to help quickly reduce the appearance of chin fat is weight loss. Losing weight has more benefits besides aesthetics, including reduced blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, and more energy. The healthier your diet is, the healthier your body is. Over time, the health benefits you see from your diet will include a smaller double chin. This can be through meal replacements, healthy alternatives like the Proti-VLC pasta options, or added vegetables with fewer treats per meal.


Skincare and Dermatology Can Help Eliminate Your Double Chin

The third option to quickly eliminate chin fat is through skincare. Dermatology has a few treatments which will help reduce chin fat. The simplest is by properly caring for your skin. As we age, the skin naturally sags and discolors.

To counteract that, use a nourishing moisturizer twice daily to add the elasticity and moisture back into your skin. You can also choose medical treatment, such as lipolysis or mesotherapy. Lipolysis has a laser alternative instead of injection aimed for subcutaneous fat. Mesotherapy is intended for the mesoderm, deeper inside your skin. Both are injectables, done by a medical professional, which target and slowly break down the fat

How Genetics Factor Into Chin Fat

Remember that, even with these ways to eliminate chin fat, you may still find yourself packing a pocket underneath your jaw. Some people are genetically inclined to have a double chin, and no amount of weight loss or treatments will remove it. You can still mitigate chin fat\’s appearance with a healthy diet and proper skincare, even if your genetics cause it to stick around.

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