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Fat Burner Shots: What Do They Do?

If you had the option to kick your weight loss into high gear, wouldn’t you take it? While magazines may promote varying diet plans, supplements, and workout routines, there’s nothing better than your morning multivitamin’s super-powered cousin: the fat burner shot. Don’t run away just because a needle is involved (click here for tips to get over a fear of needles), and don’t become intimidated by the scientific name (lipotropic injections), because fat burner shots can work magic on your weight loss goals. You may have heard of lipotropic injections or fat burner shots and stayed away because of all the confusing medical jargon in relation to them – which is why we’re here to answer the simple question: what do they do?

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What Are Fat Burner Shots?

It’s easiest to start with a basic explanation of what a fat burner shot is. Put simply, it’s a vitamin injection which is administered by a professional in a sterile environment. Approximately once or twice a week, depending on your personal needs, you receive a veritable cocktail of healthy, all-natural vitamins directly into your bloodstream. Fat burner shots are made up of a wide variety of vitamins, including Vitamin B12 (considered the ‘energy vitamin’, it keeps your blood and nerve cells functioning), Inositol (metabolism-boosting cousin of Vitamin B), and Alpha-lipoic Acid (vital for breaking down carbohydrates into energy). All fat burner shots administered at Advanced Medical Weight Loss are tailored to an individual’s needs, so yours may be higher in certain vitamins and lower in others. 

What Do They Do?

The reason fat burner shots, or lipotropic injections, work is they form a team to combat the following common issues people have when losing weight: poor metabolism, lowered liver function and low flow of bile and fat from your gallbladder and liver. All vitamins included in a fat burner shot are targeting a specific area of the body, whether it’s Biotin for boosting metabolism or D3 for burning carbohydrates. Once injected, they immediately get to work – as opposed to oral vitamins, which are fat-soluble and lose potency as they’re digested. The weekly injections provide a regular, steady stream of powerful vitamins and adjust your body to a new way of burning fat and increasing energy.

What They Don\’t Do

While fat burner shots are an incredibly powerful tool for weight loss, they’re not a miracle cure. Fat burner shots are intended to be an aid to weight loss and should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. You will see some results if you take them without changing anything in your lifestyle, but they won’t be quite what you’d like. By setting up an appointment with an Advanced Medical Weight Loss specialist, you can customize a plan which includes fat burner shots and other healthy options, such as HCG or meal replacements. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 702-897-9797 to set up an appointment!

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