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Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Faster This Summer

When you think of summer foods, you probably think of backyard barbecue staples like watermelon slices, hot dogs, and potato salad – but there are a lot of healthy options that prosper throughout the warmer months. The heat of summer is a great time to lose weight, not only because you want to look slamming in your bikini but also because many different fruits and vegetables are available for a lower cost in your local grocery. There are certain foods that help weight loss more than others during the summer months, and we’ve put together a list of our favorites that will help you shed pounds as well as look and feel your best.

1. Cauliflower

Already a health staple, cauliflower is good for you for a variety of reasons. It’s recently found popularity in its’ versatility: you can turn cauliflower into a delicious rice substitute, or swap it out for a pizza crust that’s low in carbs and calories. It’s also a great source of Vitamin C and folate, and has been proven to help fend off cancerous cells.

2. Radishes

The red bulb might not be the most common thing to reach for in the produce section, but don’t overlook radishes. Packed with Vitamin C, potassium, and digestion-aiding sulfur components, these veggies are a crunchy addition that will boost any salad. Their leafy tops, which don’t offer a strong flavor that could overpower dishes, can be thrown in for extra nutrients in recipes that call for leafy greens such as spinach.

3. Hot Peppers

Whether you go for the mild jalapeno or the tangy habanero, chili peppers can aid your weight loss. They contain large amounts of capsaicin (the component that makes them spicy), which releases serotonin (the hormone that makes you happy), and makes you feel more satiated with your dish. It also boosts your metabolism so that foods you eat digest more efficiently, allowing your body to use its’ fat storage for energy without you feeling like you’re starving.

4. Cucumbers

Since cucumbers consist of mostly water, their calories are considered negligible. A wonderful addition to your diet, this oblong fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) can be used in so many ways. Chop it and toss it with your salad to add a refreshing crunch, or dip it in your favorite protein-packed dip, like hummus. Like carrots, munching on cucumber during the summer is a great way to keep your snacking in line with your weight loss goals.

5. Berries

Any form of berry is a great choice for a summer treat. They’re significantly more affordable in the warmer months, and all types of berry are great for packing in the fiber and nutrients that your body needs to lose weight. Most berries, such as strawberries and blueberries, are low calorie and have a lower glycemic load than other fruits, which helps keep your blood sugar from spiking.


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