Getting Over Fear of Needles

Getting Over Fear of Needles: Tips from Professionals

Are you getting over a fear of needles? Don’t fret; we are here to help. It is more common than some may think, which means we frequently help people through it to get their needed treatment. If you\’re afraid of getting stuck, it could keep you from procedures such as a lipo shot for weight loss. If this is you, read our tips and tricks from the professionals for getting over the fear of needles.

A Common Fear

If you fear needles, the first thing to understand is that you are not alone. Many people with phobias feel like they are the only ones. It is common to experience fear responses such as embarrassment, immobility, increased heart rate, and more. There are easy tips to help vastly minimize that fear response.

Tips for Getting Over Fear of Needles

When getting over the fear of needles, prepare in advance. We recommend the following basic tricks to our needle-fearing clients desiring lipo shots for their weight loss journey:


●   Mentally prepare yourself: Be your own hype man. Positive self-talk is a great way to remind yourself of all the fantastic benefits of your treatment. For our weight loss clients, the brief moments of the shot are obsolete compared to the priceless advantages of a lipo shot.

●   Talk to your provider: Talking to a professional is a great way to meet the problem head-on. Getting outside assurance with a provider that knows you is an extra step that may be worth your time.

●   Take deep breaths: Taking deep breaths is a helpful way to center yourself and get ready to face the uncomfortable. Deep, slow inhales and exhales force your heart rate to slow, limiting fight or flight response.


●   Distract yourself: Put in headphones and watch your favorite movie, listen to a song, or play an audiobook on your phone. 

●   Look away: Another effective, time-honored way to deal with a fear of needles is not to look. Close your eyes or turn your head away. The shot will be over before you know it. Combine this with a distraction if you feel like you need it.

●   Make conversation during the procedure: Talk to the provider. Small talk and stories naturally calm the mind. Conversation creates a distraction and a sense of trust in the provider. 


Free Up Your Life

If you are in a position where shots are a regular occurrence, this list will help you feel much more comfortable. It is natural to feel a small amount of uneasiness, but implementing these small things can significantly improve your response to a shot. Conquering these fears open up your life to many more opportunities and options. If you are ready to take on the needle, and get lipo shots for weight loss, contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss.

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