Guilt-Free Snacks for Weight Loss Results

Finding guilt-free snacks for weight loss seems like an overwhelming challenge at times. Veggies and fruits make for great snacks but don’t always offer enough variety. Incorporating products vetted by our weight loss professionals into your diet is a great way to satisfy cravings while keeping your weight loss on track. Check out some information about guilt-free snacks and meals to lose belly fat fast.


Satisfy Cravings Without Cheating

The key to weight loss without cheating on your goals is establishing healthy eating habits. Start with snack options like raw veggies, fruits, nuts, and trail mix. Avoid packages that add extra salt or oil. Once you have these healthy choices in place, you can add variety and balance to your diet using drinks and snacks verified by our professionals.

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Guilt-Free Drinks

We provide smoothies to lose belly fat fast. Our Proti-VLC Smoothie Base is all-natural, gluten-free, offers 20 grams of protein, and is vitamin fortified. This smoothie base tastes good and offers healthy fats because part of satisfying cravings is consuming flavorful treats that supply the proper nutrients.

 If sweet drinks are tempting for you, try the Proti-15 Cold Drinks. These come in a wide range of flavors: grapefruit, orange, berry blast, pink lemonade, peach mango, lemon, cran grape, and kiwi strawberry.


Guilt-Free Snacks

Many protein bars at the grocery store secretly contain more sugars, carbs, and fats than you think. Proti Bars won\’t make you sacrifice your health to enjoy a tasty treat. These high fiber bars are low in calories, gluten-free, and all-natural, with only 5-10 net carbs per serving. The flavors vary from salted toffee pretzel, chocolate crisp, strawberry shortcake, lemon crisp, vanilla crisp, peanut butter nougat, almond coconut, and fluffy nutter.


Savory snacks are as important as the sweet ones. Proti-15 soups come in cream of chicken, mushroom, vegetable, tomato, broccoli and cheese, and chicken noodle. Packed with protein and incredibly comforting, Proti-15 Soups make snacks, lunch, or dinner satisfying.


Full Meals for Weight Loss Goals

We offer more than just snack replacements. Meals should be delicious and guilt-free, too. Proti-VLC meals deliver vitamin and mineral-packed plates measured perfectly for a single serving. You can choose from Asian-inspired dishes, Italian foods, Tex-Mex, and many others with tons of protein and incredibly low carbs.


Getting Weight Loss Results

With Proti snacks, you won\’t slip out of your healthy eating habits. Food is often one of the most stressful parts of weight loss, and we strive to make your health an easy part of your life. Check out if you wish to further your wellness with a certified medical weight loss professional or contact our team today.

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