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Healthy Eating Schedule While Working From Home

The ‘Quarantine 15’ is a real affliction! Working from home presents many challenges, not the least of which is eating healthy. It’s too easy to devour an entire bag of potato chips when you’re stuck at home, at your desk, all day. Setting up a healthy eating schedule is one of the best ways to keep you on track for your weight loss goals. The best part is: you don’t need any equipment beyond a pen and paper! A smidge of planning, reliable goals, and nutritious food all work together to form a healthy eating schedule you can stick to while working from home. Here’s how!

Healthy Eating Is All About The Planning

Eating healthy does not need to be a chore, but it does need preparation. Studies have shown you’re inclined to consume fewer calories when you plan out your meals. If you know when your next meal is, you’re less likely to snack or overindulge. It’s so important to plan your eating schedule. Set times where you will be eating and block them out of your calendar. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at roughly the same time every day. This schedule prepares your body for receiving food. Over time, sticking to a healthy eating schedule will train your brain to produce less hunger hormone. If your cerebrum knows food will be coming shortly, it can react appropriately.

Portion Out Healthy Meals and Plentiful Water

Once you’ve planned out when you’ll be eating, it’s time to plan what you’ll be eating. Take inspiration from healthy cookbooks, meal prep guides, or online recipes from Pinterest. Find a few healthy, appetizing meal ideas from protein and vegetable-heavy meals to turkey burgers with a side of broccoli. Shop for fresh ingredients, cook each meal, and place the portions you want to eat in Tupperware for each time you’ll be eating. Even healthy eating can be overdone, so limiting yourself with pre-packaged meal sizes keeps calories and macros in line with your weight loss goals. You can even make things easier by purchasing pre-made meals such as the Proti-VLC Fettucine, packed with protein, and filling as any other pasta dish. Make sure to include water in these meals! Staying hydrated leaves to fewer cravings, but keeping your water consumption up when working from home may be a challenge. Promising to drink a set amount of water each meal guarantees you drink enough throughout the day to stay hydrated.


Take A Break From Working From Home To Eat

Even if you’re stuck working from home, you don’t have to eat while you work. Take a full break during meal times, and walk away from the desk. Weight loss experts have touted for years that eating in front of the TV leads to ‘mindless eating’. Not paying attention to your food means you consume too quickly and don’t give your brain time to catch up to your body. Your brain is the one that tells you to stop eating. Let it be in sync with what’s going into your stomach by tuning in to the meal. Step away from the compute, eat in the dining room; you’ll be able to tell when you’re full if you’re paying attention to the meal!

Healthy Eating Mandates: Record Everything You Put In Your Mouth

Eating healthy while working from home can be done, but you must be vigilant. Unnecessary snacking or mindless eating will undo your weight loss goals before you see any results. The best way to stay on top of your eating habits is to record everything. Treat yourself to a morning coffee, exercise, and log every food you consume throughout the day. Things like oils and sauces don’t vanish during the cooking process, so make sure they’re included in your tracker! You don’t need a fancy app or notebook to record your healthy eating patterns. Start with a piece of paper to get going and upgrade as you see fit!

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