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How Our Prescription Plan Can Help You Succeed with Your Weight Loss Goals

‘One Size Fits All’ clothing says it’ll work for everybody, but it tends just to mean ‘ill-fitting’. Knowing this, would you go for a diet plan that claims to work for everyone, but isn’t? All of the fad diets out there (Atkins, cabbage soup diet, juice cleanses the list goes on) say they’ll revolutionize everyone’s life, but what works for your neighbor might not work for you. To lose weight, you have to take in fewer calories than you burn. It sounds simple on paper, but your lifestyle, health, and age are all a factor. That’s why it’s important to have a prescription plan that’s cut to fit every curve of your life. How can a prescription plan help you succeed with your weight loss goals? We’ve got the answer.

    In all of the diets mentioned above, there’s one common denominator: you do them alone. Sometimes having someone with you throughout your journey makes it easier to take the steps, and we here at Advanced Medical Weight Loss want to accompany you along with everyone. We are tailoring your prescription plans for you, from the moment you walk in our door and consult with an expert to the moment that you hit your goal weight. When you know someone is there to both, support you and hold you accountable, making good choices becomes just that much easier. Consistently making better decisions when it comes to physical activity and diet is one of the things that will help you succeed with your weight loss goals.

    Once you have set your appointment and started your weight loss journey, our experts will work with you to set up a customized prescription plan. A prescription plan, despite its name, is not a placebo pill that makes you feel better about eating some pasta. It isn’t a kooky method of sweating out ‘toxins’ by jogging around your neighborhood with trash bags taped to your body. You won’t see questionable ingredients on the medications, and you won’t be stuck with a litany of side effects. If you’re after any of those (although why you would be is beyond us), a prescription plan is not your direction. If you’re after long-term weight loss with an overall boost to your life, our prescription plan is for you.

    Weight loss prescription plans vary, but the three core parts of them lie in appetite suppressants, natural medications, and nutritional programs. There isn’t a limit to how many you want to try, and there isn’t a minimum. Appetite suppressants work by reducing the urge to eat, and nutritional programs set you up for success by letting you know what is going to benefit you the most. Natural medications are far from the unpronounceable medications you see at the pharmacy and instead boost your immune system by giving you vitamins your body may be lacking. Our experts take a full evaluation of your existing health before setting you on a plan, so you know that your prescription will work for you.

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