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How to Create A Summer Diet Plan

Who doesn’t want to slim down this summer? Dropping pounds doesn’t need to be a struggle when you’re working with a medical weight loss specialist at Advanced Medical Weight Loss to create a tailored summer diet plan! Read on to learn more about the process.

Start With Evaluating Where You Are Currently

Starting your weight loss journey is to understand your current state. Once you know what you need to work on, you can assess what needs to change. This evaluation uses various medical equipment to measure your weight, metabolic rate, fat content, and so much more. An athletic person with a lot of muscle might not focus on exercise as someone with little muscular structure.

Make Sustainable, Small Swaps First

The main force behind any weight loss is calories in versus calories out. The more calories you take in, the larger you will become. When you severely reduce the calories you consume, you will lose weight. While it sounds easy to slash the calories you consume to lose weight fast, it can lead to hunger pains, dizziness, and irritability if not done correctly. These potential side effects are why the first step should be to change what you currently eat for sustainable swaps. Get used to having Proti-VLC protein bars for a snack instead of chips. Opt for healthier, low-carb options instead of plates of pasta for dinner. Once you’re used to eating smaller amounts of more nutritious foods, it’ll be easier to lose weight.


Choose to Eat Summery Foods

When we say ‘summery’ foods, we don’t mean traditional barbecue but rich in nutrients. Summer food like zucchini, corn, seasonal fruits, and vegetables are best grown this season. Try to keep your produce local during the summer seasons, so you know you’re eating fresh foods. Doing so will help you lose weight fast over the warmer months!

Let Medicine Work Its Magic

Much of losing weight is about balancing parts of the body that have fallen out of order. Introducing you to weekly fat burner shots to boost your vitamins and minerals or to take HCG, and so much more.

Contact an Advanced Medical Weight Loss specialist to help you with your weight loss goals!

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