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How to Turn Weight Loss into your New Hobby

What do you think of when you think of the word ‘hobby’? Is it maybe someone sitting down to knit after a long day? Maybe collecting stamps, or playing video games? Collecting Beanie Babies or shooting pool? It’s almost certainly not losing weight. But the phrase ‘it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle’ is probably just as integrated into your mental connection with the term weight loss as knitting is to the word hobby. Why don’t we consider weight loss a hobby? It’s certainly something that you enjoy, like a hobby. It’s something you need the proper tools for, like a hobby. And it’s rewarding, the same as a hobby is. At Advanced Medical Weight Loss, we do consider weight loss a hobby, and here’s how to turn your weight loss plan into one.

In order for something to be a hobby, you need to be excited about it. What could be more exciting than finally shedding those pounds? Often people come into our offices feeling dejected, sad, or mortified that they’ve let their extra weight control their life for as long as it has. Well, toss those feelings aside because it’s time to start planning for the future! If you’re a hobbyist, you know that you spend time thinking about all the things you’re going to create, play, or do in order to further your leisure time love. Start integrating weight loss into those energized thoughts and you’ve completed step one of how to turn weight loss into a hobby. Think about how great you’re going to look in a bathing suit, or how accomplished you’ll feel after your next run and you’re going to start looking forward to getting out there and losing those pounds.

Hobbies need tools, and typically you’ll build that collection over a long period of time. Every knitter has at least ten pairs of needles, spare skeins of yarn, and a few knitting books. Why not fill your bookshelves with some healthy cookbooks, or buy a brand new blender for protein shakes? Retail therapy never hurts (as long as you stay within budget!), and having the tools near you for your weight loss can make it easier to reach for healthier options and make healthier decisions. Plus, looking at all the items that will make your weight loss easier day in and day out will help you be excited to achieve your goals.

One of the ways that weight loss can be compared to a hobby is that you have to make the time for it. How many people say that they don’t have time to go to the gym, but then turn around and spend three hours doing a puzzle? A hobby takes up some of your time, same as working out. There’s no reason that they can’t be one in the same, and regular exercise is one of the best hobbies you could have. It lowers depression and blood pressure, while raising your metabolism and keeping your muscles and bones in good shape. By making weight loss a priority, you’re automatically upgrading it from a chore to a leisure time activity.

Whether you go about your weight loss with exercise or nutrition, being excited for it is the main goal. When you spend time cooking healthy meals with your loved ones, going on hikes to enjoy nature, and researching healthy activities in your city; your weight loss moves from being a boring task to one that you can enjoy. A hobby isn’t something that you dread, but something that you look forward to doing – and weight loss is just that.

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