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Hydrating Foods for Your Post Workout

Food is fuel, pure and simple. When you’ve got a good grind going on at the gym, you want to make sure your body is properly prepared to take care of itself. The before and during is important, but aftercare tends to fall by the wayside when it comes to working out. What you eat post workout is crucial to your weight loss journey’s success, and hydrating foods are a double whammy in a health expert’s book. Your body sweats as you work through a challenging yoga class, weight session, or cardio burn and you naturally lose water. If you eat plenty of hydrating foods after your body, you’re not only refilling that lost water but also providing necessary nutrients to your muscles. Hydrating foods will get your post workout body on the fast track to recovery, allowing you to burn more calories at rest.

A liquid meal is an easy, fast way to rehydrate and fuel your body post workout

Smoothies have a positive reputation among the health-inclined for a good reason. One of our top hydrating meals to have after a workout is actually something you don’t need to chew: a protein smoothie. Healthy options such as the Proti-VLC Smoothie Base provide a plethora of vitamins and minerals which aid your muscles in healing faster, as well as a full dose of protein to build them up. Smoothies are versatile, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of flavors and customize the protein, sugar, and vitamin contents. Not a fan of the thicker drinks? Juices also give you a punch of nutrients, but lack in the all-too-important protein. They’ll get your cells hydrated and your body pumped full of vitamins with only a few ounces, and the best thing: they’re low in calories!

Lighter fare, such as salads, can help build muscle if properly prepared

For those who do like to have a good munch for their post workout meal, a salad is hard to beat. Packed full of healthy, nutrient-dense veggies, they can be customized to the ends of your imagination. One of our all-time favorites for post workout hydration is the classic Cobb salad, which combines the protein and healthy fats of bacon and eggs (yum!) with plenty of crisp, hydrating lettuce and tomatoes. Not a fan of the complicated version? A seasonal option which leans on darker greens (kale or spinach), veggies such as zucchini, and a lean protein like chicken can be a low calorie, basic meal which fills both you and your cells up. Avoid reaching for the saltshaker or extra dressing, because the benefits of these meals revolve around their water content and low calories.

Simple may often be best for post-workout snacks

After you work out, you may not be inclined to cook even the most basic of meals. That’s completely fine! Just make sure you’re not skipping out on the hydrating foods your body needs to heal. In order to keep your body supplied with plenty of nutrients and water, opt instead for a snack instead of a full meal. An easy go-to example is the classic veggies with hummus option. Most veggies, when eaten raw, have a naturally high-water content which makes them a great option for refueling your body’s water supplies. Grab and go options, such as sliced cucumber or baby carrots, offer a massive nutrient punch. Lesser-known choices like broccoli can give you a much-needed dose of Vitamin C, allowing your muscles to heal faster and ultimately lead you to your weight loss goals faster. For more help with your weight loss journey contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center today!

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