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Las Vegas Weight Loss Center: Add Protein to Your Memorial Day Recipes

Memorial Day is nearly upon us, and your Las Vegas weight loss center wants to help you learn more tricks and tips for how you can make your cookout healthier while helping you to lose weight at the same time.


There’s a single dietary element that makes all the difference in a healthy, fat-burning diet, and that’s protein. Learn how a protein diet for weight loss can help you to drop the pounds, and how a Las Vegas weight loss center can help you get started on the path.

Protein for Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, getting better toned, and having a healthier body overall, the single most important element in your diet is protein. The more protein you take in, the better your metabolism will be, the lower your appetite, and the more weight-loss hormones your body will produce. Overall, increasing the protein in your diet will help you lose fat and weight.


Weight-regulating hormones

Your brain actively regulates your weight by producing certain hormones that regulate your appetite. Higher protein intake can convince your brain to produce higher levels of appetite-reduction hormones and lower levels of hunger hormones. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, tend to burn hot and fast, giving you a burst of energy but then creating more hunger and cravings.


By replacing carbs with protein, you’re reducing your appetite, which leads to consuming fewer calories. It also cuts down your cravings, which are your worst enemy when you’re dieting, and which carbohydrates encourage. Are you doomed by late-night snacks? Increasing your protein levels will cut down those cravings as well.


Studies show that protein increases can reduce cravings by up to 60%, which translates into a huge decrease in calorie intake.


Protein burns calories

Not only does protein increase hunger satiation hormones, it helps your body to actively burn calories. Since weight loss is a simple equation of “calories in vs. calories out,” improving your body’s ability to burn calories while also reducing your appetite shifts the balance strongly in your favor.


The effects are automatic

Here’s the best part about how adding protein to your Memorial Day meals is the first step on a road to better wellness: it’s automatic! Without even consciously choosing to restrict your calories, your body will naturally reduce your tendency to eat more. It will increase your muscle tone, and build the positive aspects of your body while eliminating toxins and reducing fat dramatically.


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