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Las Vegas Weight Loss Center Shares Tips to Avoid Weight Gain This Spring

It always seems like spring just pops up on us in Las Vegas, doesn’t it? One day you’re putting on your favorite comfy sweater and boots, and the next it’s time to break out the sundresses. The beginning of the year is a great time to shed some extra pounds, as you’re still motivated from your New Year’s Resolution, but spring barbecues and picnics can be devastating to your weight loss goals. Don’t sweat it, as our expert weight loss center has tips to share with you to avoid weight gain this spring.

  1. Skip the Sweets

Sweet tea, piña coladas, and even fruit salads can break your weight loss plan before you even know it. Sweet, refreshing beverages and cold packaged salads might be delicious and what you’re used to reaching for at backyard barbecues, but they’re secret calorie bombs. If you’re craving sweets, stick to fresh fruit instead of canned salads loaded with whipped cream and if you’re looking for a cool drink, stick to low-calorie sodas or unsweetened iced tea.


  1. Head Outside

What better way to crush a few extra calories than by enjoying the beautiful weather? This is a perfect time of year to head out to Red Rock for a scenic hike, or to take a walk around one of Vegas’ many spacious parks with your pup. A little sunlight has the added benefit of Vitamin D, which is proven to improve moods and help with weight loss.


  1. Watch the Chips

Picnics during springtime are an age-old American love affair, but the food that comes along with them can be terrible to your waistline. Chips (especially when paired with creamy dips) are easy to lose track of how many you eat, and you can end up inhaling hundreds of empty calories. Bring along carrot sticks with hummus for a quick bite that has protein and vitamins instead of carbs and fat.


  1. Fat Burner Shots

Kick starting weight loss and boosting your metabolism in one fell swoop, fat burner shots are medically proven to help you on your weight loss goals. Paired with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, they can launch you towards your bikini body with just a few appointments.


Like with any weight loss program, sticking to your guns with your choices is important. Don’t set your boundaries too high, as you will need to have a treat every now and then! If you’re nervous about starting something new, or have hit a plateau, set up an appointment with one of our weight loss experts to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and set up a customized plan that will work for you.

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