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Las Vegas Weight Loss Experts Share Secrets to Losing Weight this Holiday Season

With the incredible spread of rich, comforting food available that accompanies the holiday season, many people become stressed about losing weight, and rightfully so! While Americans are on average at their lowest weight going into the last few weeks of November and the month of December, the holiday months are unfortunately also when people tend to gain the most weight. The extra servings of eggnog and seconds on beef roast are one of the leading factors in the most popular New Year’s Resolution in America: losing weight. Fortunately, you can stop the number on the scale rising before it becomes an issue with these secrets from our weight loss experts in Las Vegas.

As we’ve proven, the best way to lose weight safely and keep the pounds off is by making small but impactful and informed lifestyle changes. While the below secrets to losing weight over the holiday season are definitely a great way to get started, remember that keeping the weight off is by making sure you’re continuously making healthy choices. One of those healthy choices can be as small as cutting back on soda, or as big as cutting out carbs – it’s really whatever works better for you!


One of the easiest ways to save calories and lose weight during the holiday season is by filling up on low-calorie fruits and vegetables before digging in to comfort foods like stuffing and sweet potato pie. Going back for seconds on heavier foods won’t sound nearly as appealing when you’ve already had a full plate of broccoli and green beans, which saves you from overindulging. Not only will it keep your waistband smaller, this will also leave you physically feeling lighter and not overstuffed when you get up from the table!


Watching your alcohol intake is important for your health year-round, but especially important around the holidays. Some alcoholic beverages, such as the crowd-pleasing eggnog, can contain up to 500 calories in a single serving! If you want to indulge in a boozy treat, keep it to a lower-calorie option such as a vodka soda, glass of wine, or a gin and tonic. In general, creamy drinks such as eggnog and mudslides are worse for you in terms of high calorie content, and extra-fruity drinks such as rum punch can pack a lot of sugar and empty calories.


Sometimes the best way to avoid over-indulging at the dinner table is to avoid the dinner table altogether. Staying active by walking around and enjoying the company of family and friends away from the table will naturally let you avoid snacking. If food is not there for you to grab, you won’t mindlessly munch and will automatically allow you to drop pounds without any additional effort.


Losing weight over the holidays may seem a bit stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking the word of our trusted experts, and by making minor changes in your routine, you can continue your healthy weight loss throughout the holiday season and into the next year.

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