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Make Life Easy with These Fat-Burning Tips

It\’s vital to approach weight loss in a healthy way. Learn a few fat-burning tips that will help you drop and keep off 15 pounds while living a productive lifestyle.

Stay Active and Live Healthily

A healthy lifestyle is the core of sustainable weight loss, and you can’t do it without exercise. Try to get 30 minutes to an hour of aerobic and resistance exercise daily. Do some pushups and crunches, then take a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

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Take It Slow

How long does it take to lose 15 pounds? Nobody finds success overnight. In fact, losing too much weight too fast can be unhealthy and dangerous. Take it slow and try for one or two pounds a week. Also, know that you’ll hit plateaus every so often. That’s natural. Be patient and stick with your plan.

Plan Your Meals


Sit down at the beginning of every week and decide what you will eat and when. You’ll be less likely to cheat and more likely to make the right choices for your body. Look up new and exciting recipes, and experiment with different flavors and fresh, healthy ingredients. Meal planning can be fun.

Avoid Alcohol and Sugary Beverages

There’s an old (and true) adage: Don’t drink your calories. Alcohol is almost 100% empty calories. A glass of wine or beer here or there is acceptable and may even have health benefits. However, keep it to one per day. The same goes for soda, frappés, and sugary beverages.

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Get Motivated and Reduce Stress

Stress is a killer when it comes to weight loss. Managing stress isn’t easy but is important. Practice a hobby and take some time for self-care. Keep a list of the things you love to do, and reward yourself every day.

Eating Healthy: Find Alternatives and Cheat Right

Look for alternatives to guilty pleasures. If you love potato chips, consider switching to baked veggie chips or even a pickle spear when you get that salty snack craving. Swap out your simple carbs like bread to complex carbs like potatoes. Cut back on carbs in general.


Don\’t deny yourself entirely. Denials lead to cravings, which lead to bingeing. Instead, cut less-healthy items back to a carefully measured serving every few days. Schedule in a cheat day where you can enjoy the things you love, but again, plan it out and be careful on how far you go.

Get Some Sleep

According to health care professionals, you will not be successful in weight loss if you\’re not getting a solid eight hours of sleep. Put down your phone and shut off the computer two hours before you go to bed. Avoid caffeine and nicotine for eight hours before bedtime, and do not sleep with your phone within 6 feet of you. All these things interfere with your sleep cycle. Plan your rest just like you plan your meals, and stick to the schedule.

Sustainable weight loss means making small changes you can stick to. 

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