Our Prescription Plan

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Does your current diet leave you feeling unsatisfied? We can help you with that!

Appetite Suppressants Reduce the Subjective Symptom of “Hunger”

At Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center, we carry several different types of appetite suppressants, for your individual needs.

Natural Medications

These are carried for those patients that can not or prefer not to take prescription medications. Hca/Biocitrine is a fat burner that is only carried by physicians. Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center carries the most effective and current natural medications on the market. The natural medications not only help suppress appetite but also help in regulation of the body fat metabolism.

Nutritional Programs

These are customized for each patient’s needs. You may choose to do our nutrition program only, without any types of medications. These programs are tailored to your individual needs and may be combined without protein supplements to enhance fat metabolism and prevent cravings.

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