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Start Your 2020 Weight Loss Now!

If you’ve ever made weight loss your New Year’s Resolution, you’re fully aware of how crowded the gym and health stores get during January. Instead of waiting until 2020 formally starts to kick off your weight loss plan, why not get ahead by starting now? The holiday season is one renowned for unhealthy food, but when you have a team of weight loss experts at your back you can make it through while losing weight and remaining festive. Where do you start? There are plenty of options, depending on how much weight you want off and how quickly you want to lose it. From tiny tweaks to a full overhaul, Advanced Medical Weight Loss is here to help you with your 2020 weight loss!

Start small with healthier meal replacements in between holiday meals

Beginning your 2020 weight loss early doesn’t need to mean ‘make a massive change to your existing lifestyle’! For many people looking to lose weight, smaller alterations can make large differences if they stick with them. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah all loom at the end of the year and each features their unique feast. If you know you’ll be indulging during the familial celebrations, consider tweaking your day-to-day meals to lean more on the healthy side. Rather than having a full bowl of traditional pasta for Monday’s dinner, try a protein-packed meal replacement. Opting for a professional meal replacement rather than an old-school Slimfast gives you the protein and nutrients you need, but fewer calories and carbohydrates than the classic home-prepared dinner. Over time, you’ll find those calories saved will help you lose weight! Preparing food for the whole family? Not a problem! Small changes can be integrated even if you cook at home. Try swapping your plate for a smaller one. The same amount of food on a smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more than you!


Evaluate your current body composition and goals to hit the ground running

Waiting until the start of the year to start your weight loss plan has a major drawback: you need to start at the beginning. This includes all the planning stage. For any weight loss program to be successful, it needs to be thoroughly thought out. Just jumping on a treadmill won’t work if you don’t adjust your diet, and only eating salad won’t help your muscle definition. To get a headstart on your 2020 weight loss, try doing the planning before the ball drops in NYC on the 31st. Check-in with a medical professional to get a body composition analysis done so you know where you’re starting from. After that, you can plan out meals that have the proper balance of vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates to keep you feeling full as your body burns excess fat. You don’t even need to worry about making the changes until closer to the New Year; simply planning out what you’ll be doing is a great first step which puts you ahead of everyone who’s waiting!


Ready to jump right in? Get your 2020 weight loss going with fat burner shots!

Not the kind of person who wants to wait? Not a problem! Diving right into your weight loss plan is a great way to launch your weight loss dream into reality! Many people choose to start their weight loss journey with a cleanse, but we actually advise against doing those. ‘Cleanses’ are often another form of fad diet, which offers no benefit other than potentially hydrating you due to the large amounts of water recommended. Instead of feeling hungry all the time and suffering through a lemon-syrup-cayenne potion, try a fat burner shot instead. A direct injection of vitamins often resets the body’s natural metabolism, which starts burning excess fat straight out of the gate. When your body has the proper nutrients it often feels fuller and you will automatically consume fewer calories. If you’re not into shots, no worries! Our team is more than happy to talk through your goals and preferences during a consultation. For help starting your 2020 weight loss journey, contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center.

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