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“Thank you Advanced Medical Weight Loss for helping my husband and me reach our weight goal.  We started your program in July, I reached my 46 lb. weight loss goal in December, and Steve reached his 40 lb. weight loss goal in January.  Not only did you help us in our weight loss, but helped us to maintain our weight by teaching us how to eat per our bodies system.

We have referred our friends and family and they have started going to you because they can’t believe the change in us.  Your staff is polite and professional!  We love coming to your office.  If anyone wants to contact us and ask how your program is, please by all means, give them our numbers.  Again, thank you from both Steve and me.” *

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“Advanced Medical Weight Loss Center has changed my life. I had struggled for years to lose weight and nothing had worked for me. Advanced Medical Weight Loss Center worked for me to correct my eating habits and find a plan that worked for me. I lost 35 pounds in 8 months and gained confidence and new outlook on life. I’m thinner than I’ve ever been and I have more energy too! Because of Advanced Medical Weight Loss Center, I got a new job. I was told I was “too chubby” for last year and I just got a contract to walk the runway this fall in Spain. Advanced Medical Weight Loss Center worked for me & it will for you!!” *

*Individual results may vary

“One day, I looked in the mirror and thought, “What happened?”, and would I ever be able to get back into my “Skinny Jeans.” I decided to call Advanced Medical and their knowledgeable and friendly staff were able to answer almost all of my questions over the phone. A major concern I had was, could I afford to do this. In less than four months I lost 45 pounds, but the education I received on proper nutrition habits was priceless. My experience with Advanced Medical had literally been life changing. I now look forward to the beginning of my day, instead of the end of it. All of my expectations were met and exceeded, and I am excited to say that I once again fit into my “Skinny Jeans”. Can you fit into your “Skinny Jeans”?

Thank you, Advanced Medical, for giving me my life back.” *

*Individual results may vary

“I started the program 17 weeks ago; I didn’t even register on a scale. My self esteem was at the lowest. My significant other, well, didn’t seem interested in me, and left me because I was too big for him. I basically became a prisoner in my own home. I had gotten so large that I didn’t even recognize me. I made a promise to myself that I would make changes in my life and I did. I changed my entire life. I came to the clinic in desperation. It was either do something about this or lose everything and everyone that mattered in my life. I knew that this would take diligence and dedication and I am, just like most tried the “diet” programs and pills that ultimately could have killed me, figured that this wouldn’t work. I was SO wrong.

Every week, I cam and every week I lost something, whether it was inches, pounds or both. I didn’t however lose faith thanks to the support team and all the effort that the staff and management give you when you become a participating partner in weight loss.

I began to really work the diet list, and it actually was simple to follow. Donna, the dietician, she is so motivating, so supportive. She always seems to find a way to take a negative weigh in and turn it into a positive experience. Dr. Lee, he is so patient and so concerned about his patients and the well being of that patient. You’re not in a managed care setting, you are the care, and you have helped to manage that. Karen, the office’s backbone, she makes you feel like you are the only person in the room and she pays attention to your needs as far as product knowledge, and appointments and your payments. In all actuality, the entire staff is beautiful and anyone that makes this decision to lose weight and to participate in the program, that is personally designed to your weight loss needs, can’t go wrong.

I haven’t met my goal yet. I still have 100lbs. to go. I know that there are many of us who are the big, beautiful and watched. I don’t want to be watched anymore, ridiculed when I pick my children up from school because I waddle when I walk or I have to stop every 10 feet because I can’t breath. I can stay dedicated and look at my children’s faces and see the happiness that it brings to them when I come home from these weigh ins and tell them Mom lost more weight. It makes it all much more worth the struggle for my success. I know with the proline protein products (they taste great by the way), the meal plans and the dedication and the support from the staff, I will see my children graduate high school and even college, get married and start their families. I even get to go back to my career in the medical field, now because I have lost enough weight, so far, that I am employable now. As far as relationships go, I have a new love in my life and he is so supportive of me than the one who left. The ex will be eating his heart out when I finish the weight loss.

This was definitely better than buying a Coach purse, I invested in myself. I can wear me now. I really like the way that I am feeling.

Thank you so much Advanced Medical Weight Loss, you gave me a second chance for a healthier, happier life.” *

*Individual results may vary