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Summer Weight Loss: 4 Things to Avoid

Achieving your weight loss goals during the summer is a feeling everyone should be able to enjoy, but it’s hard for many. When you’re surrounded by barbecues boasting trays of high-calorie foods and beers on the back patio, it’s easy to let your diet slip. Many people talk of getting their beach body ready, but there are traps lying in wait throughout the warmer months. Avoiding a few of them could mean the difference between shedding the pounds and puffing up, so we put together our top four things to avoid during your summer weight loss plan.

1. Sugary Drinks

That glass of iced tea or lemonade might be the reason your pants are feeling a little tight. Many of the refreshing beverages we reach for in the summer contain high amounts of sugar and calories. Soda is a well-known diet buster, but the sweet tea your mom hands you could have just as much sugar as a can of Coke. Instead of opting for a sweetened drink, choose calorie-free sparkling water or iced tea with lemon instead of sugar or honey.

2. Finger Foods

When nutritionists evaluate summer eating, one of the biggest causes for unexpected weight gain is the finger foods we munch on mindlessly. Chips and dip, candy, and fried foods are easy to reach for and, before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole bowl. If you’re feeling like a snack, opt instead for a healthy option such as Advanced Medical Weight Loss’ protein bars.

3. Barbecue Meats

Cooking something over the barbecue does not inherently make it unhealthy, but the sauces and types of meats used during outdoor festivities aren’t good for your waistline. Pulled pork and ribs are one of the biggest culprits for sneaky calories, as both are high-fat and coated in sugary sauces. If you’re attending a party, it may be a good idea to eat before going so you don’t head to the hotdogs. Should you want to munch on something at a barbecue, go for grilled chicken or a bunless hamburger to stay lean.

4. Alcohol

Yes, summer is more fun with a little liquid assistance… Unfortunately, alcohol is one of the sneakiest ways to put on weight. A pina colada may contain up to 500 calories, and the Budweiser won’t help keep you trim. If you want to drink, enjoy light beers or vodka sodas to keep it light, and always drink with moderation. Drinking to excess can throw your entire body off, but in case you do get carried away you can kickstart your weight loss with a fat burner shot. Want more info? Contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss.

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