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The Best Cardio Weight Loss Workouts for Women

Regular aerobic exercise, known as cardio, has a plethora of benefits for women. Besides helping to regulate blood pressure, strengthen bones, and lower stress levels cardio is also one of the best tools for weight loss. Not all cardio workouts are created equal! There are so many different ways to get in your 30-minutes-a-day. If you enjoy running you can optimize your fat-burning time with a steady-state workout. Fans of cardio workouts that keep them on their toes will see amazing weight loss results with a HIIT program. Consult first with a weight-loss professional to make sure you’re starting a plan that works with your lifestyle, and then try any of these amazing cardio weight loss programs! 

High Impact Interval Training (HIIT) Delivers High Results 

One of the biggest weight loss buzzwords lately isn’t technically a word at all! HIIT, which stands for high impact interval training, will get your weight loss journey started off with a bang! These workouts get your heart rate up in short bursts. Instead of longevity (like running for 30 minutes straight), your goal with HIIT is to finish one high-impact interval at a time. You’ll do compound exercises to work multiple muscle groups, such as burpees or sprints, for a set amount of time. This is followed by a short minute or two rest period. After, you launch into the next exercise. HIIT is particularly successful for weight loss because it gets your heart pumping hard within a short amount of time. The workouts can be done by just about anyone, anywhere. They frequently don’t require equipment which makes them ideal for home workout enthusiasts. The downside of HIIT is it can be easy to focus too much on completing as many reps as possible, which sacrifices form. If you don’t pay attention to correct form on every single rep it’s easy to injure yourself. 


Steady-State Cardio Workouts Provide Steady Results 

For women with joint pain or a lot of weight to lose, steady-state cardio is potentially the best option. This low impact cardio workout can seem almost too easy! The way the steady-state works is by sticking to a single workout for a long period of time without fluctuating the intensity. Rather than a run that takes 100% of your focus, you’ll go for a jog at 60%. By having a longer workout at a more relaxed pace, your muscles can adjust to the movement and grow from that baseline. Your heart pumps at the same elevated rate throughout the entire workout. This burns fat both during and after the workout! Many weight loss specialists recommend this type of cardio alongside a metabolism boost through regular fat burner shots for truly impressive results! 

Keep Things Fresh With EMOM Cardio Workouts 

EMOM is short for every minute on the minute. This type of cardio workout is perfect for those who want a structured but fun sweat sesh. EMOMs are similar to HIIT workouts where you complete short intervals of specific exercises. Unlike HIIT, where you try to complete as many reps as possible within a period of time, EMOMs ask you to complete a set amount of reps in a single minute. The time you have left in that minute is your rest time. The challenge of crunching out reps before the clock runs out is one of both the strengths and weaknesses of EMOMs. Experienced gym-goers may find this kind of cardio to be a welcome way to switch up their boring routines. On the flip side, newbies frequently struggle to make it through a whole workout. This can be demoralizing, so it’s important to consult with your medical weight loss team to make sure EMOM is the right fit for your current body composition before launching into the program. 

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