The Truth About Sweating and Weight Loss

Not much beats the feeling of leaving a rigorous exercise class drenched in sweat. Being super sweaty gives you natural feelings of happiness and accomplishment. Sweating in the sauna can make you feel refreshed, and sweating outside might evoke the comfort of warm weather. Sometimes the correlation between being sweaty and the subsequent serotonin boost leads people to think they’ve burned a ton of calories. Hot yoga, otherwise known as Bikram yoga, claims the extreme sweat brought on from the high temperatures helps burn additional calories when compared to regular yoga. But does getting super sweaty help you with your weight loss goals? Our weight loss experts are here to give you the truth about sweating.


What is Sweating?

Sweating is your body’s natural response to exertion. As you warm-up, either through exercise or extreme temperatures outside, your body must work harder to cool down to a livable climate. One of the ways your body cools down is by sweating out sodium and water in the form of sweat. The truth about sweating is that it’s not technically a means of weight loss; instead, sweating is more of a byproduct of exertion, leading to weight loss. Technically you may lose water weight through sweating, but that weight loss is only temporary. Expect water weight loss comes back within one to two days, depending on how good your hydration is.


Why Do Some People Sweat More Than Others?

It may feel satisfying to leave a workout drenched in sweat, but the truth is you may not naturally be that sweaty. Some people consider it a curse, while others think excessive sweating is a blessing, but the fact is sweating depends primarily on two things: hydration and genetics. Human biology is a tricky thing, and scientists haven’t quite pinned down what exactly causes some people to be sweatier than others. Your weight and overall fitness level make a difference. Severely obese people have to work harder to cool their bodies during exertion and therefore may find themselves sweatier than those who work out the recommended amount per week. In general, if you’re well-hydrated and in pretty good shape, you likely will be able to work up a good sweat with moderate exercise.

Truth Hurts: Sweating and Weight Loss Aren’t Synonymous.

Physical exercise causes you to sweat, but simply sweating without the movement won’t help you lose weight in the long run. You may see a quick drop in weight due to the water being released via sweat, but this weight is sure to return. The best way to follow your weight loss goals is by balancing your diet with proper exercise and nutrition. You’ll find that a balanced lifestyle leads to both sweating and weight loss, but keep in mind that correlation does not equal causation. For more common weight loss and other related tips, please contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss.

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