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Weight Loss Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

Weight loss tips, from the scientifically advanced to basic avoidance, can be found all over the Internet, and seem especially prevalent around holidays such as Thanksgiving. The holiday has evolved to focus on eating so much that it’s commonly accepted you’ll lay around all day and watch football to help ease into a food coma immediately after celebrating. All the heavy but delicious options available can make Thanksgiving stressful to those looking to lose a little extra weight. The vast spread of delicious items pose a serious threat to many healthy diets, so we’ve put together a few weight loss tips that will work with any meal plan to make it a thinner Thanksgiving.

The most important part of making sure you stay within your guidelines on the holidays, and our biggest tip, is being aware of the offerings. While the oft-repeated myth is that turkey makes you tired, it’s actually been scientifically proven that the amounts of tryptophan in the modern, average serving of cooked turkey, is not enough to actually affect most humans. In fact, egg whites may contain more tryptophan than turkey! While it may seem convenient to blame your itis on the bird, the sudden sleepiness you feel after indulging in a Thanksgiving spread is more likely to be caused by a massive caloric intake. An easy way to avoid this is ask ahead (or better yet, prepare it yourself) to see what options will be available during the meal. When you’re aware of what will be served, it’s easier to rationally think about what’s going to fit within your meal plan instead of overdosing on mashed potatoes.

Setting your sip limit is also important. Many people can make healthy decisions when it comes to their food choices on Thanksgiving, but overindulge in alcohol. The lack of alcohol-absorbing food that would have come from a heavy meal, combined with large quantities of alcohol, can cause more than just a rough hangover – it can cause weight gain as well. Overindulgence in alcohol is still overindulgence, and comes with a lot of excess calories consumed, along with a headache the next day. Set yourself a limit, such as a three drink maximum, and stick to low-sugar options such as vodka and seltzer to minimize any guilty feelings.

While making sure you stay aware of your options and being mindful of what you consume is of course important, remembering that you’re with your family and friends is truly what matters. If you’re concerned about your weight but still want to be a part of the group, a more scientifically advanced weight loss option may be right up your alley.  These weight loss tips are great, but it’s hard to beat the proven fat burning effects of vitamin shots when it comes to getting results. Scheduling a time to come in and get your weight loss on the fast track is an easy, stress-free way to enjoy the holidays and still achieve your goals.

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