Tips that Stick: Lose 15lbs of Fat

It’s the beginning of a new year, and everyone is thinking about how to lose 15lbs of fat. Too many people latch onto heavy workouts and fad diets. While they might find success at first, it’s not sustainable. Learn some tips and unique weight loss solutions to lose 15 lbs in 3 weeks.

What Is Healthy Weight Loss?

Healthy weight loss is sustainable. Everyone wants instant results and instant gratification, but take it in small steps if you want your weight loss to last. Engaging in sustainable, healthy weight loss is a matter of building good habits, understanding what you put in your body, and taking it in manageable breadths.

Build Good Habits — You Can Do It!

The first thing to understand is that you can do it! You can lose weight. It only takes commitment, determination, and drive. You’ll hit plateaus where it seems like it’s not going to happen, but you need to try to stay positive and keep at it. The right attitude is 75% of successful weight loss.

Beyond that, it’s a result of building good habits. Cut back on the bad, kick up the good, keep your workouts varied and fun, and learn about nutrition and what goes into your body.


Understand How Carbs, Protein, and Grains Work

The first thing to learn is that different foods work in different ways in your body. While weight loss is largely calories in versus calories out, not every food you eat is the same, and not all calories are equal. Even carbohydrates are not all the same. Simple carbs like sugars are far different from complex carbs like whole grains.

Complex carbohydrates are higher in fiber. Fiber fills you up, cleans out your system, and regulates your blood sugar. In short, fiber is very healthy for you. Simple carbs, however, give you a burst of energy that wears off fast, leaves you hungrier, and is stored as fat in your body.

Protein is essential for building muscle, and it is filling. Some studies suggest that a high-protein diet results in a lower caloric intake. Stick to lean meats, chicken, and fish. Vegetable proteins like nuts and beans are also excellent sources of protein.

Cut Down, Don’t Cut Out

When changing your diet, cut down on the less valuable foods, but don’t deny yourself entirely. Denying yourself the things you enjoy makes you crave them. Have a few potato chips and a portion-sized piece of cake.


Keep Your Goals Attainable, Varied and Fun

Start small and grow. That’s the ticket. Make small changes in your routine and stick to it. When these become habits, add a bite-size of change. When you work out, keep it fun and varied. There are so many ways to burn fat with a workout. Mix up your cardio and strength training to get the most from your exercise. If you can’t begin at 30 minutes of exercise every day, find a portion that you can accomplish, and do it well! Even if it’s just taking a walk.

Get Help and Support

You may feel uncertain where to go next. If you need more help, advice, or strategies, we’re here to help you on your journey. Contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss to learn more. 

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