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Top Reasons Why Women Struggle to Lose Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight and frustrated at your seeming inability to do so? You’re not alone. Many women struggle with practical weight loss and all too often it seems like for every step forward you take, you end up taking two steps back again.

Understanding the reasons why women have so much difficulty with their weight can be the first step in changing that cycle. Read the top reasons why women and weight loss have such a complex and problematic relationship, and learn how to turn the tide of your journey.

Watch your diet

One of the major reasons women struggle to lose weight is that they eat the wrong kinds of foods. Adjusting your diet can be the most difficult part of a successful and ongoing weight loss program.

Make sure your diet is as close to all natural as possible. Eliminate processed foods and try to make your own meals rather than relying on pre-made convenience. Load up on veggies, look towards free range meats and dairy and keep your portion sizes reasonable.

Not all exercise is equal

Exercise is vital to weight loss, but many women engage in the wrong kinds of exercise. Consider moving away from cardio and working with interval training. Alternate high-intensity bursts with cool-down periods for 20 minutes or so. This will encourage your metabolism to kick up and burn fat much faster for up to 36 hours.

Women and the thyroid

If you’re not maintaining the delicate balance your body needs to function at peak efficiency, you can suffer a hyperactive or hypoactive thyroid gland, which harms your metabolism. While sometimes genetic conditions require medication, for many the best way to address these issues is naturally, through addressing dietary deficiencies.

Hormonal imbalances

Hormones are another reason women suffer with a difficult time dropping those pounds and keeping them off. If you’ve got too much stress in your life (and what woman doesn’t?), you could be having problems due to too much cortisol in your system. This has a direct impact on your metabolism, which makes you crave carbs, and makes it hard to lose fat, especially in the midsection.

The solution is to try to live a simpler life! The weight of the world isn’t on you; say no when you have to, make sure you take the time to exercise, and find ways to relax and reduce your stress, whether it’s a hobby, meditation, deep breathing, yoga or whatever else helps you focus and de-stress.

Birth control and medications

Birth control pills and many other medications, including anti-anxiety and antidepressants, can have a direct result on your body’s metabolism and a side effect of weight gain. Nobody is suggesting that you immediately stop taking the meds you’re on — that’s a recipe for disaster. However, be aware that with certain medications you may have to work a bit harder to keep the pounds down.

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