Weight Loss Management During the Holidays

Las Vegas holiday parties are incredible, to say the least. They present you with lots of fun activities as well tempting and delicious meals that you cannot get enough of. However, this is also the time it is extra challenging to pay attention to weight control. You see, these parties are always electric; making it easy to get carried away and forget all the progress you have made with your weight loss this year. But, here at Advanced Medical Weight Loss, we say, worry not because we have some useful tips to help you manage your weight during the holidays.

Well, let’s check them out.

Managing Weight During the Holidays

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to manage your weight during the holidays. They include:

1. Not Changing on Your Workout Routine

Las Vegas holiday parties are always so exciting that you can easily forget to stick to your workout routine. However, skipping or moving your workout routine is highly discouraged. That is because moving your workout routine can lead to a drop in the “feel good” chemicals, which include adrenaline and endorphins. A drop in these chemicals is likely to make your productivity and energy levels drop as well. This, in return, makes you start craving the wrong kind of food, thereby, setting you up for weight gain.

2. Not Making Every Day a Treat Day

Given how stunning Las Vegas holiday parties can turn out to be, it is easy to find yourself making every day a treat day. After all, what can go wrong if you savor just a single piece of pecan pie? Turns out, a lot. An article on foodnetwork.com shows that traditionally prepared pecan pie has around 550 calories. If you combine this with half a cup of vanilla ice cream, the calories can shoot up to 700. Assuming you have also not been working out, the results could be more weight gained during the holidays. With that said, limit sweet treat intake as much as possible. And, instead, save your treat day for the big event dinners and friend/family outings.

3. Going Potluck Style

If you are out of practice with the potluck style, we remind you this is a communal gathering where you are supposed to bring a different dish to be shared. This dish is often homemade. To ensure effective weight loss management, make your offering a healthy and delicious dish. Now, someone might say that \”healthy\” and \”delicious\” must mean a celery and carrot platter! Not so. 

Here are some healthy and delicious potluck ideas:
maple-cashew-apple toast, Layered Hummus Dip, or paleo plum muffins. One good thing about these foods is that they are delicious and they won’t throw weight loss goals off track.

Other Holiday Weight Loss Management Tips

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ways to manage weight while on holiday in Las Vegas. Apart from the ones we have mentioned above, others are:

1. Including Protein in Your Meals to Keep Them Balanced

Typical holiday meals are rich in carbs but low in protein. Well, given how important protein is, it is imperative that you include it in your meals. Protein promotes fullness and can help when it comes to weight maintenance. According to studies, including protein in your meals can reduce how many calories you take in. That is because protein reduces appetite and hunger. The easiest way to ensure there are proteins in all your meals is to utilize meal planning.

2. Watching Your Portion Sizes

It can be extremely easy to overload your plate during the holidays. Nevertheless, this is highly discouraged because, according to research, those who overload their plates tend to gain weight a little too easily compared to those who do not. Controlling portion sizes is one way to make sure you do not overload your plate. You can also achieve this by using smaller plates.

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