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Weight Loss Specialists Let You in on 3 Secrets

In the race for trendy weight loss tips, tricks, and magic, finding what is truthfully sound weight loss advice is challenging. We put together our favorite weight loss tips to help you find facts on which you can rely. Learn what our weight loss specialists in Las Vegas recommend so you can achieve your goals.

SECRET ONE: One-on-One Counseling

One new fad we have seen recently is weight loss summer camp. We far prefer one-on-one counseling to these camps for long-lasting results. A camp can be fun and motivating, but we want to establish tried-and-true habits in your daily life. A camp removes you from your routine, preventing you from establishing habits. One-on-one counselors get to know you personally and help you with professional advice and support while monitoring your progress. They work directly and specifically with you rather than one person with a catch-all group – splitting their attention among many.

We choose one-on-one counseling as a weight loss tip because these professionals have experience guiding individuals to their goals. Having someone by your side with knowledge, expertise, and understanding significantly boosts weight loss.

SECRET TWO: Make Your Weight Loss Journey Yours

Everyone is unique. Celebrate your individuality with habits and methods that work for you. Below are examples of how some of the individuality we have seen: 


Moms: A mother’s timetable is filled with family and school. Many moms work as well. A mom’s weight loss routine must fit within the patterns of home and family. Read here to learn more about our recommended weight loss tips for mothers.

Seasonal weight loss: Whether it\’s time for summer weight loss or a special event, time is ticking. The weight loss program for short-term goals involves different tips and tricks than someone trying to establish long-term habits. We have two suggestions for our season weight loss clients: 

1) Read this blog about shedding belly fat for the summer

2) consider results using weight loss shots.

For Health: Many begin clean living because of health issues. Individuals looking to take control of their health to prevent heart disease, deal with diabetes, or make healthier life choices need a clear path. Dialing in new eating habits, education about mental health, and exercise matter for them as they approach their goals. 


SECRET THREE: Take Inventory of Your Options

You\’ll find many options available to take control of your weight loss journey. It all connects back to what fits you. Advanced Medical Weight Loss makes opportunities available to all individuals, so take inventory of your options: 

  • One-On-One Counseling
  • Weight Management Plans
  • Meal Planning
  • Customized Exercise Programs
  • Fat Burner Shots
  • Medical Consultations
  • Prescription Plans

Want advice? All these tips and more are only a phone call away. Advanced Medical Weight Loss in Las Vegas has been a successful weight loss tool for many in the valley. Get in touch with one of our licensed physicians to help lead your weight loss journey, or visit Advanced Medical Weight Loss to learn more.

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