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Weight Loss: Surprising Benefits of Cutting Out Sugary Beverages

Sugary beverages are a universal no-no in the weight loss world; everyone can agree they’re bad for you. Sodas, fruit juices, and heavily sweetened coffee or tea can add inches to your waistline while taking years off your life. Even diet soda may not be safe. Almost everyone agrees: it’s better to avoid sugary beverages entirely if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Our weight loss experts have put together some surprising benefits of cutting out sugary beverages.


Your Energy Will Steadily Improve

Sugar by itself isn’t necessarily bad for you. Naturally occurring sugars, such as those found in whole fruit, can be great for your body! Better yet, whole fruit gives you nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. The issue is when sugar is distilled down to a pure form and then added to drinks. This concentrated sugar causes severe energy spikes (sugar highs). When you dose yourself with large quantities of sugar, your body becomes dependent on these highs. The highs get higher, which means your energy levels are constantly trying to feel as good as when you\’ve had lots of sugar. Cutting out sugary beverages helps your energy even out, allowing for more productive days.


Your Emotional Health Will Get Better

Processed sugar gives your brain a massive dose of dopamine, all at once. The super-sweet stuff tells your brain to feel good, which means by default, it feels terrible when you aren’t consuming sugar. The up-and-down of drinking and not drinking frays your emotional nerves. As time goes on, you’ll find yourself more dependent on the sugar to feel good. If you stop drinking sugary beverages, your emotional health will balance back out, and you’ll feel more stable each day.


Your Skin Will Be More Clear

Does chocolate cause acne? The question asked on so many beauty mags covers belies a secret truth: sugar found in chocolate and other sweet treats is terrible for your skin. As sugar breaks down inside your body, it forms advanced glycation end products, which attach to proteins in your body, damage collagen, and elastin. Without both collagen and elastin working diligently, your skin will sag over time. Sugar may not directly cause bad skin, but it doesn’t help it. If you forgo the soda, you’ll likely notice brighter, firmer skin.

Sugar is a great treat, but you shouldn’t consume it regularly. Studies have shown that adults who consume more than the daily recommended amount of sugar are prone to high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain cancers. If you quit drinking sugary drinks and only consume sweet treats in moderation, you\’ll find yourself feeling better both physically and mentally within about two weeks.

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