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Weight Loss Tips: 4 Simple Fall Snacks

Weight loss is 90% diet, 10% exercise; a focus on performance over food won’t provide you the results you want. On the flip side, focusing too much on dietary restriction will lead to you feeling irritable, low energy, and hungry. The Snickers tagline is true: you’re not you when you’re hungry. You can avoid those hunger pangs and get back to achieving your goals by including more balanced, low-calorie snacks in your weight loss plan. Contrary to popular belief, snacks are great for weight loss! Consistent, small meals lead to a lack of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Your body feels satiated without needing constant indulgence. Here are our favorite four simple fall snacks to boost your weight loss journey. 

Protein-Packed Protein Bars 

Energy bars are a favorite among health enthusiasts for good reasons. They’re highly customizable, with an endless selection of nuts, grains, fruits, and flavorings to be added. Energy bars are portable, making them a convenient choice for even the busiest person. Best of all, they’re affordable! You can buy the protein-packed, low-calorie Proti Bars in multi-packs, so shopping for snacks is easier than ever. Advanced Medical Weight Loss offers a variety of seasonal fall flavors, such as salted toffee pretzel, cinnamon crunch, and nutty caramel crunch. 

Healthier-Than-Store Bought Pudding 

Who knew pudding could be considered a health food? With plenty of protein to keep you full and a plethora of added vitamins, the pudding cups and mixes from Advanced Medical Weight Loss are an incredible fall snack for weight loss. Flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or caramel cafe latte will keep snack time indulgent – you won’t even realize you’re eating a healthier version than store-bought pudding! 


Zipper Snacks 

 Sometimes you want something a little salty to offset all the sweet fall flavors. Zipper Snacks is the perfect solution! The best alternative to potato chips. It has a crunchy exterior and addictive fluffy interior that complement each taste bud. Flavors can vary from sour cream and onion to chipotle. They’re composed of a protein isolate, which gives you 15g of protein! This protein keeps you feeling full, while the overall low-calorie count per pack doesn’t blow your diet out of the water. 

Hot Drinks 

A drink may not seem like a snack, but most non-water beverages contain massive amounts of calories. Instead of reaching for the fall favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte, opt for a protein-based drink instead. Advanced Medical Weight Loss’ cappuccinos and hot chocolate are perfect for a crisp fall night! Their nutritional profile is more simple than a Starbucks order. It offers protein and minerals, so your body feels the benefits of a hot drink as much as your mind does.

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