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Weight Loss Tips: Can I Lose Weight if I Stop Drinking Soda?

There’s no ‘quick fix’ or ‘magic pill’ to lose weight. There are, however, small lifestyle changes you can make that lead to huge effects in your weight loss journey. One of the biggest things our weight loss experts tout for living a healthy life is to cut out soda. Over a third of Americans have at least one beverage with sugar added every single day. An average soda contains over 120 calories! Just a single soft drink each day can lead to nearly half a pound of fat gain every week. Diet soft drinks affect you just as much, if not more. If a soda can lead to such impactful weight gain, can cutting it out help you lose weight? Our weight loss experts say yes, and here’s why:

1. Lower Sugar Means Fewer Cravings

Sugar is a valuable source of calories in the wild, so our bodies evolved to crave it. In the days of hunter-gatherers, finding sugar meant staying alive longer. Nowadays, our diet is artificially full of sugar. This surplus of sugary foods and drinks (soda and other soft drinks like sweet tea or lemonade) leads to a more energy that your body can’t use and ultimately stores as fat. From a survival standpoint, this is what your body is designed to do! The more sugar you have, the more your body craves it. When you stop drinking sugary soda, your body drops these cravings to break the cycle. As the cravings decrease, you’ll consume less high-calorie sugar and lose weight.

2. Less Caffeine Equals More Natural Energy

People have turned to caffeine as a stimulant since coffee was first discovered. Soda contains large amounts of caffeine which adds to its addictive qualities. Consuming soda is like consuming a cup of coffee with five added teaspoons of sugar; it’s a high-calorie way to add some ‘get up and go’ to your day. While this may be okay as a treat, your body will adjust to the excess caffeine quickly. You’ll need more and more as time goes on to feel the same effects. Not only does this lead to too much soda consumption (and related weight gain!) but also decreases your natural energy levels. If you’re constantly adding extra energy, your normal levels will feel like crawling through water. Not only will you lose weight if you stop drinking soda, but you’ll also become adjusted to your natural energy levels.

3. Cutting Out Soft Drinks Makes You More Hydrated

Soda does not satisfy your thirst. While soda is a liquid, it actually dehydrates you. The caffeine acts as a diuretic, flushing water out of your system as you put it in. This is terrible for your body! The only liquid that will hydrate you is water. When you drink fewer sodas, you relieve your thirst with water. This hydration will manifest in more energy, clearer skin, and healthier organs.

4. Stop Drinking Soda to Feel More Motivated

While the physical benefits of cutting out soda are important, the mental advantages are just as important. The caffeine and sugar in sodas make you feel bloated and lethargic (once the caffeine rush wears off). You may continue reaching for more soda in hopes it’ll bring back the happy feelings from the first one. This cycle is what causes sugar addiction. Breaking the cycle by cutting out soda will help you feel better about yourself. As the sugar addiction leaves, you’ll feel more motivated to continue your weight loss journey. You can work with a weight loss expert to come up with a full diet plan that works with your goals. Exercising seems less daunting when you have consistent energy levels. It becomes a lot easier, physically and mentally, to lose weight when you stop drinking soda.

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