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Which one: Weight Loss on Your Own or With Help

The weight-loss journey is not an easy one. There are a lot of myths surrounding it. You probably wonder if it’s best to go it on your own. It helps to know what is true and what is false to avoid following programs or advice that will do very little in helping you shed some pounds. The following are weight issues to consider whether you want to lose weight with help or at home on your own.

Weight Loss on Your Own

If you decide to lose weight on your own, watch out for bad advice and weight loss myths.

1. Dieting/Going for Cleanses

This is one of the weight loss myths that often stand out. And that is because it mostly comes from friends, nutritionists and even doctors. A good number of experts believe that going on a cleanse can help your body get rid of harmful toxins, thereby, helping you lose weight. However, this is a myth, as a cleanse only offers temporary results, at best.

2. Changing Your Eating Habits

Changing your eating habits is not that easy to accomplish on your own, but it can be done. It requires you to create a sustainable meal plan. The meal plan helps you lose weight by making sure you eat fewer calories than you use. For example, a good meal plan that can help with weight loss should include whole grains and water. Whole grains should replace refined calories while water should come in place of sugary drinks. A sustainable meal plan can also prevent you from unsafe supplements as well as crash diets. On the downside, it requires a lot of knowledge and an understanding of your body and its specific needs. Going it on your own might mean that an important need is overlooked.

3. Cut Fat Out Because It is Bad for You

This is a myth because there are healthy fats that you need and unhealthy, saturated fats. Unhealthy and saturated fats can lead to weight gain. Therefore, doctors always recommend that you cut them out if you want to lose weight. Healthy fats, on the other hand, should stick to your diet albeit in small amounts. They include nuts, extra virgin olive, and fish. They are part of a weight-loss plan since they keep you full and provide you with the energy you need to keep going. Knowing the difference takes education.

Weight Loss with Help

There are many benefits to getting help with your weight loss goals including professional advice, medications and personalized programs.

1. Weight Loss Does Not have to be Lonely

To lose weight effectively, you need the help of other people such as friends, family members, nutritionists, and doctors. You also can join various programs aimed at helping people lose weight. The key benefit of all these is that they keep you motivated. And when you are motivated, you will find your weight-loss journey a little less daunting. Incorporating a weight-loss program into your weight-loss journey allows you to hit your weight-loss milestones faster.

2. Fat Burner Shots/B12 Injections

B12 injections help with weight loss and are not self-administered. Fat burner shots consist of compounds that help the liver function more effectively. This, therefore, increases the flow of fats and bile from the gallbladder and liver. When fats within the liver are removed faster and more efficiently, it leads to weight loss. Besides, fat burner shots have vitamin B12 that helps form new healthy cells in the body, not to mention increasing activity levels. Advanced Medical Weight Loss offers B12 injections once or twice a week for men and women in Las Vegas administered by trained professionals.

3. Prescription Plan

At Advanced Medical Weight Loss, we provide a prescription plan with a wide range of appetite suppressants to make sure there is something for everyone. It may also include natural medications. Additionally, Advanced Medical Weight Loss offers nutritional programs that fall under the prescription plan too.


Weight loss is no doubt a challenge and the wide array of myths out there is making it harder than it already is. It is because of this reason that men and women from Las Vegas are advised to seek professional guidance from experts like Advanced Medical Weight Loss. We offer various services and weight-loss programs to help make your weight-loss journey less daunting. Contact us today to learn more about what we do.

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