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Winter Weight Loss: Healthy Holiday Meals

Weight gain around the holidays is quite common. Family time is often centered around delicious, indulgent meals. You shouldn\’t need to compromise your enjoyment by calorie counting every single bite. You don\’t need to skip every favorite holiday treat to keep your winter weight loss going. Try these healthy meals and tips to avoid looking like Santa!

Why Healthy Holiday Meals Are Important For Weight Loss

No one wants to be the person avoiding the holiday ham and sticking to raw carrots all night. It\’s not only a buzzkill for your family, but it\’s also not enjoyable for you! A healthier way to balance weight loss with enjoyment over the holidays is to choose one or two indulgent foods and keep the rest healthy. If you love a hearty beef roast, that\’s fine!

Choose mashed cauliflower and steamed green beans as your side to keep it light. Can\’t skip the macaroni and cheese? Try a lighter protein, like roasted chicken breast, so you don\’t end up feeling bloated and heavy. Moderation is key to any weight loss plan. Having healthy holiday meals balances out the heavier foods, so you end up with a more balanced diet.

Can’t Skip Anything? Have Healthy Meals Around The Holidays Instead

If you absolutely cannot skip any delicious, indulgent food over the holidays, keep your meals light for the rest of the week to balance out the Christmas feast. Stick to healthy, seasonal soups like the healthy Proti-15 soups from Advanced Medical Weight Loss or opt for a meal replacement shake one meal out of the day. What you want to look for in meals around the holiday season are high-protein, low-carb options.

High protein meals keep you full for longer, so you\’re less tempted to overeat. Low carb can help you feel less bloated and sluggish, giving you more energy throughout the day. Balance your meals with the help of healthy substitutes from Advanced Medical Weight Loss. Even swapping a single dinner with a healthier alternative, such as the Proti-VLC Garlic & Herb Pasta, can help keep your weight loss going through the holidays.


Healthy Holiday Meal Options Can Still Be Tasty!

Whichever part of the meal matters most to you over the holidays, there\’s a way to make it healthier! If you\’re the kind of person who lives for the protein, try our pork recipe idea below. If sides are your jam, check out the healthy greens or make some lower-calorie, protein-packed dessert. You can\’t go wrong with these three!

1. Main Course: Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Loin

Stuffing protein with a vegetable is a great way to get your nutrients without sacrificing indulgence. For this holiday season, try grabbing a lean pork loin from your butcher. Cut it in a spiral from the side so that you can unroll the entire cut of meat. Saute some chopped mushrooms for 3 – 5 minutes in a bit of butter and whatever fresh herbs you like.

Take the mushrooms and spread them on the unrolled pork loin, then roll the meat back up with the mushrooms inside. From the side, it should look like a Swiss roll! Tie the loin with string, so it stays nice and taut, and roast for 15 minutes per pound.

2. Healthy Holiday Side Dish: Steamed Green Beans with Bacon and Parmesan

Devout fitness enthusiasts may argue the bacon and cheese in this dish make it border the definition of healthy, but we say it\’s fine as long as you don\’t go overboard. The classic green bean casserole served over the holiday is packed with sodium, fat, and preservatives from canned soup and fried onions. Instead of serving the processed casserole, steam some fresh trimmed green beans. Bake thick-cut bacon in the oven, allowing the grease to drain off, and chop it. Toss the steamed green beans with the chopped bacon and sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan.

3. Dessert Goes Light With Healthy Sweet Potato Pie

Who doesn\’t love a little sweet dessert packed with fiber and complex carbohydrates? Sweet potatoes are full of natural sugars, which caramelize while being roasted for a full hour in the oven. Once they\’re done and cooled down, you gut them and combine them with plenty of wintery spices, like nutmeg and allspice, and add a bit of brown sugar and heavy cream. Pour it into a store-bought pie crust and bake until set.

The trick to making this deceptive dessert is topping it with real whipped cream (not Cool Whip). Make the cream by mixing a bit of powdered sugar and heavy cream in a bowl until set. It may take a few minutes, so do this with a stand mixer to save your arms the hassle.

Post-Holiday Recovery – Cooling Down After The Festivities

Even if you stick to mostly healthy foods during the holiday season, it\’s important not to derail your weight loss plan. Stay strong with your workouts throughout the winter break. Balancing your healthy diet with activity keeps your bones strong and your muscles active, which in turn leads to overall better health.

Break a sweat at least four times a week to make sure you stay on track with your winter weight loss! Don\’t hesitate to call your weight loss expert if you need motivation or assistance at any point.

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