How do I keep the weight off?

How do I keep the weight off?


The key to weight loss is not losing the weight.

Anyone who has ever tried any diet and has stuck with it has lost weight. Most people, however, gain it back — and more. This is because the majority of the people that are on a calorie restricted diet return to their previous eating habits once the reached their goal weight.

Researchers* have found that the hormone ghrelin spiked by 23% after initial weight loss. This causes your appetite to increase. But over the year, the ghrelin levels drops back down by 7 %. The body seems to adapt to your new weight, and the production of the hunger hormones taper off.

If you stay within 5 pounds of your goal weight for a year will have a much better chance of maintaining your new weight loss. To do this, you must learn to eat like a thin person. It is important to calculate your new caloric intake. The following formula will help:

Active (exercising 3 times a week or more ) goal weight x 13
Inactive goal weight x 11

Active goal weight x 15
Inactive goal weight x 13


For those who would like a personalized, physician-supervised weight loss program, please contact us to schedule a private consultation. We\’re here to help.



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