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Las Vegas Weight Loss Center Shares Ways to Prevent Summer Weight Gain

While winter is known for the lurking dangers of high-calorie treats and indulgent holiday meals, summer remains a hidden danger in the world of weight loss. Many people gain weight in the hotter months, despite the multitude of outdoor activities and healthy fruits and vegetables available in the market. Popular summer activities, like baseball games, fairground trips, and even hanging out poolside, can include calorie bombs and significantly less physical activity than you’d expect. But don’t despair – there is hope! With a few simple tweaks to your routine, and staying conscious of what you’re putting in your body, you can continue to fight against weight gain. Here’s a few ways to prevent summer weight gain this season.  

Watch Your Drinks

Backyard barbecues are where a lot of great summer memories are made, but overindulging in the variety of drinks available during them will cause your waistband to balloon. Fruity, sweet summer drinks (such as a Long Island Iced Tea or a Pina Colada) come packed with excess sugar, fat, and calories. Sipping on a gin and tonic or mojito is a refreshing alternative that doesn’t come with too much belly bloat. If you’re not into alcohol, still pay attention – sweet tea and fruit juice can have as much or more sugar than a soda.

Keep The Fruit Fresh

Fruit salad on a hot day can be a cold, refreshing, and deceptively unhealthy treat. The kind usually found at barbecues and summer birthday parties is loaded with sweeteners, including the syrup that comes out of canned fruit and whipped cream. If you opt for a fruit option, choose sliced fruit and drizzle on some honey or agave syrup for a bit of extra sweetness.

Early Birds Get The Bikini Body

The heat in Vegas can be stifling mid-day, and it can be tempting to skip your run to avoid overheating. Try waking up a little early during the warmer months and going for a jog in the morning instead. Warmer weather isn’t an excuse to stop working out, and many people report feeling more energy throughout the day when they work out before starting their day.

Where’s The Beef?

For a deceptively low calorie alternative to the summer favorite, burgers, you can make half and half burgers. The transition to full-on veggie burgers may not be to everyone’s liking, but using leaner meats and mixing it with veggies such as zucchini or savory mushrooms will keep the calories down, introduce extra nutrients, and taste just as good.

Plan Ahead

Weight loss can’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision, as any successful dieter will tell you. In order to have unhealthy weight come off in a healthy manner, you need to plan ahead for it to come off. During the summer is a great time to use some of your free time to meet with a weight loss expert and come up with a long-term management plan that will help you achieve your goals, stress free.

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