Weight Loss After a Baby: How to Make it Happen

Welcome to Mom Life! You’ve just had a beautiful, bouncing, sweet bundle and everything is perfect! Except for maybe those stubborn pounds; Women are recommended to gain up to 35 pounds on average of extra weight during pregnancy, and those pounds often don’t want to abandon ship once the little one has left.It can be frustrating to see your belly still swollen a few weeks after birth, and seeing celebrities flaunt their slammin’ body only a few weeks after having their child is discouraging. In truth, unless you have a personal fitness coach who’s there 24/7 and stick to an absolutely perfect diet, it’s going to be difficult to shed those pounds like Kim K. Don’t lose hope! We’re here to share how to make that post-baby weight loss happen safely, quickly, and easily.

Set your Goal        

Say it with us: “I am going to be realistic about my goals”. You’ve just had a baby – let yourself enjoy that  and don’t feel like you have to pile on another one right after it. Carrying a child is stressful to the body, and jumping straight into a crash diet is going to just layer on more stress. It takes time to lose weight in the best of circumstances, and when your body is rushed with hormones that wreak havoc on your health, it’s not the best of circumstances. Make a plan that is realistic before starting your diet. Say you want to lose a total of 20 pounds; why not set a goal to drop a pound a week? Understand that dropping post-baby weight will take time and allow yourself a little wiggle room to have some chocolate every now and then – your mental health will thank you.

Make a Plan

Once you’ve established your goal, work on a plan that will help you achieve it. One major trend we’ve seen lately is meal prepping, and it can be beneficial for both you and the little one. Meal prep is when you plan your meals out in advance and cook in mass. Instead of having to come home and cook every night of the week, with meal prep you only cook one night and reheat the leftovers. It’s a quick way to simplify your meals, and pre-portioning everything will help you stay within a good calorie range. Bonus points are given to meal prep since you can also make your own baby food this way. By prepping large amounts of, say, carrots and pureeing them as needed you can streamline even the little one’s mealtime ritual.

Fat Burner Shots

If you’ve got a good calorie deficit going, you’re active, and you’re still not seeing results, consider getting a little boost. Mother Nature isn’t perfect, and with the flood of hormones that are rushing through your body post-baby it can be a challenge to break through your plateau. Fat burner shots are our favorite way to knock down that wall and kick-start your weight loss. A bun in the oven does suck up a lot of nutrients, and even with a varied diet it can be difficult to refill those resources. Fat burner shots are a way to re-introduce your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to boost your metabolism. You’ll find that when your body is properly nourished, you have more energy and less appetite, making weight loss a breeze.

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