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7 Foods to Eat to Keep the Weight Off

The winter ‘extra layer’ doesn’t always apply to just throwing on a jacket. There’s a good reason the colder months get a bad rap for weight gain, as the comfort foods and warm ciders add up quickly and can leave you entering spring with a little extra padding. With bikini season right around the corner, we wanted to send you some insider tips on what to eat to shed the pounds and have you looking your best. Here are 7 foods to eat to keep the weight off this season:

  1. Asparagus

This long-stemmed veggie is not only delicious, but is packed with incredible nutrients (such as A, C, E, K, and B6) and is available on the cheap in early April to late May. While it can have a bad reputation for having a unique fragrance, asparagus is full of fiber that helps your digestive system function and stay healthy.


  1. Strawberries

Delicious and healthy, strawberries come filled naturally with an organic chemical called anthocyanins, which have been proven to reduce belly fat in lab studies. On top of that, the red juicy fruits are great for getting your vitamin C.


  1. Eggs

Yes, you should eat eggs year round but they’re especially great in the spring due to their versatility. As the cheapest and lowest-calorie source of protein, eggs are a great way to start your day; Studies have shown that patients who eat eggs in the morning as opposed to carb-laden breakfasts (we’re looking at you, bagels) feel fuller for longer.


  1. Red Leaf Lettuce

Red leaf lettuce blooms in the spring, and is chock full of vitamins A and K. Unlike it’s cousin iceberg, it’s more flavorful and can make some gorgeous salads when paired with other superfoods such as spinach. The best thing about it? You can eat unlimited amounts, as it’s only 4 calories per cup.


  1. Beets

They may not be the prettiest things on the supermarket shelf, but beets are super good for you and incredibly versatile. The ruby-hued tuber is loaded with antioxidants and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory that serves as a natural remedy for high blood pressure.


  1. Rhubarb

Don’t be intimidated by how rarely rhubarb is used in American cuisine. Get adventurous with this vegetable or stick to a classic strawberry and rhubarb combo when cooking. It offers the same compound that’s commonly found in green tea and helps break apart fat cells for weight loss.


  1. Mushrooms

Morel, shiitake, or even button mushrooms have amazing health benefits and are widely available in spring. Their meaty taste makes them popular with vegetarians, as they offer protein and starch with a fraction of the calories in most meats. Mushroom burgers are a great alternative to the calorie-laden classic found at every summer barbecue.

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