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4 Ways to Keep Your Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution

The most common New Year\’s Resolution in the United States is to lose weight. Thousands of people per year commit to stricter diet and exercise regimen during January but find themselves falling off the wagon by February or March.

You don\’t want this to be you, and we don\’t want this to be you! That\’s why we\’ve put together our top four ways to keep your weight loss New Year\’s Resolution.

1. Track Your Journey in Writing

Having a written record of the steps you’re taking in your weight loss journey not only helps keep you accountable but also serves as a reminder of how far you’ve come. Tracking can be done in a spiral-bound notebook, an app such as MyFitnessPal, or even a note on your phone. You can choose what to track, including your diet, exercise, or goals (all three play a huge part in successful weight loss). However you track, the key is to be consistent.

Open the note every single day and update it, whether there\’s something to celebrate or not. Being able to look over what you\’ve done in writing can help keep you on track. The text\’s visual reminder of how far you\’ve come encourages you to keep going, while some not-so-good updates are an encouragement to tighten your behavior up.

2. Work Up to Your Workout

No one runs a marathon right out of the gate. For even seasoned exercise enthusiasts, hitting the ground running too fast will lead to burnout. Look at how far your current exercise regimen is from your goal. If you want to run a 5k but can only make it about a quarter of a mile, it won\’t help try to do the 5k all in one go suddenly. Instead of shooting for the stars, use stepping stones.

The distance between your current exercise and where you want to be can be broken up into manageable chunks. In this running example, you can work towards running half a mile without stopping. Once you can do that easily, work up to ¾ of a mile. You’ll find yourself building better long-term habits while getting regular positive encouragement for hitting those small milestones.

3. 90% Healthy, 10% ‘Cheat’

Cheat days are essential for any long-term weight loss plan. A \’perfect\’ diet (whatever that means to you) is unsustainable for months on end. If you stick to a strict diet 24/7, it\’s natural to become fixated on what you can\’t have. Should this happen, you\’ll likely overindulge once you finally allow yourself to have the forbidden food.

Instead of binging all at once, allow yourself small \’cheats\’ now and then. Skip coffee six days out of the week but splurge on your Frappucino on day seven. Opt for heart-healthy meals like the Proti-VLC Fettuccine a few nights out of the week and save takeout for a weekend evening. This keeps your body and mind balanced! The best thing you can do for your weight loss plan is to indulge in moderation.

4. Find a Community

Studies have shown it\’s easier to stick to a strict diet or exercise regimen when you have external forces supporting you. For some, this can be a friend who wakes up early to go for a run with them. For others, it can be a professional weight-loss expert who provides weekly checkups. The goal is to have a weight loss community you can turn to.

Regular communication with like-minded others makes it easier to stay committed to your weight loss plan. Surrounding yourself with other healthy individuals will help you power through moments of doubt. You may even find yourself picking up new meal ideas or workouts due to the expanded community!

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