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How to Easily Change Your Eating Habits

Losing weight takes more than a quick fix. Yes, you will see results with a crash diet… However, those results are guaranteed to not last. To lose weight in the long run you must change your eating habits. Remember weight loss is a marathon and not a race. Thinking of your weight loss plan as an all-or-nothing law to live by will set you up for disappointment (having a single cupcake won’t ruin all your hard work, we promise!). Small changes to your eating habits over a steady period of time is the best way to keep weight off. These small changes can be easily accomplished if you know what to do – and we’ve got the guide on how to adjust your eating habits to see those pounds drop!

Altering your eating habits begins with a mental change

While weight loss is shown on the body, the majority of the work involved is mental. One donut won’t throw you off track, but a daily Starbucks habit will do some damage. Habits form over time and need to be identified before you can change your eating habits. Start by keeping a food journal for a week or two. Simply write down everything you eat! Be honest, as you only hurt yourself by lying. Once you have a good record of what you’re eating habits currently are, you can tweak them to be more geared towards weight loss instead of maintenance. Do you find yourself constantly snacking in the evening? An easy change would be to remove the high-calorie snacks and replace them with a healthy snack option such as the Salted Toffee Pretzel Proti Bar. The more aware you are of what (conscious or unconscious) eating habits you currently have, the easier it is to change them.

Changing your drinking and sleeping habits can also affect eating

A surprising way to change your eating habits has nothing to do with the act of eating! While what you eat matters greatly in weight loss, the overall picture of how you treat your body also factors in. Making healthy choices becomes difficult if you aren’t running at 100%. Not getting enough sleep leaves you groggy throughout the day. Without proper rest, your hormones can shift; altered hormones affect cravings and stress. To negate dealing with these side effects, get plenty of shuteye! You’ll find the more awake you feel, the easier it is to say no to another venti Frappuccino. Speaking of coffee, monitor what you drink as well as your eating habits in your food journal. There is a good chance you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day. Even mild dehydration causes your body to seek out water from other sources… Which is to say, food. Many times, a body will confuse thirst for hunger; have a glass of water right when you wake up and before every meal to make sure you’re treating the right problem! This also helps you fill up, curbing the temptation to eat excess calories.

The best eating habit: eat regularly, but mindfully

When it comes down to brass tacks, your eating habits revolve most importantly around what you eat. Modern diet trends push ‘intermittent fasting’ (where you only eat between a set period of time), but the reality is all weight loss comes down to calories in vs. calories out. It’s impossible to outrun your fork, so changing your eating habits is the only guaranteed way to keep excess weight off. This does not mean you should analyze every bite which goes into your mouth! Instead, eat mindfully. What we mean by that is: consider what you’re consuming. Feel free to chow down on some pizza once a week, but balance it with a healthy option like a low calorie savory soup. This yin/yang of eating helps you avoid binges by allowing healthy portions of ‘unhealthy’ food. Eating regularly is another effortless way to change your eating habits. Waiting until you’re ravenous will drive you towards binging, whereas regular smaller meals keep cravings at bay. By eating regularly and mindfully you’ll find your weight goes down, your energy goes up, and you feel the best you have in years! For any help during your weight loss journey contact the team at Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center.

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