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Meal Plans That Will Help You Lose Weight

Whether you do it daily, weekly, or even monthly (for those hardcore fans!), meal planning is a great way to lose weight. Meal planning is exactly what it sounds like: planning out your meals in advance. By taking the time to think through what you’ll be consuming, you make better choices than if you get to the point of stomach growling. If you hit that point, you’re much more likely to reach for convenience over health, which isn’t good for your body. Besides allowing you to choose healthier options more often, it saves you time and money). Healthy meal plans will help you lose weight, save money, and spend more time doing what you love during the week!

How to get started on a meal plan for weight loss

While it is as easy as ‘planning your meals’, meal planning may seem a little daunting to beginners. Healthy eating is always a challenge to do consistently and taking it one step (or meal) at a time can be a great way to start. If you want to dive on in and head for all three meals a day, go for it! If you want to begin your journey by opting for a breakfast smoothie with Advanced Medical Weight Loss’ Proti-VLC Smoothie Base, a healthy lunch, and leave dinner open, feel free to! As with any weight loss plan, meal planning is a lifestyle change. You can choose to take some of the guesswork out by having a protein-packed meal replacement, such as the Proti-VLC fettuccine, or go for a simple meal such as turkey taco meat with fresh veggies in a lettuce ‘shell’. The important thing to do is sit down, think through what you’d like to eat for the week, get the ingredients, and stick to it. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Which foods you can eat on a meal plan are limitless

The good news: you can lose weight meal planning, even if you don’t change what you’re currently eating. As with any great diet, a lot of what goes into meal plans depends less on what’s actually in the food and more on how much you’re eating. No one says you need to swear off mac and cheese, but you can opt to eat less of it through meal planning. With packing everything in advance, you can avoid temptation. No more reaching for a snack halfway through the day (although you can always try a Salted Toffee Pretzel bar if you get hungry, as they’re packed with fiber and protein), as everything is already laid out in neat little containers. Over time, you can tweak your meal plans to include more fresh fruit and veggies. By adding in more vegetables, such as by switching the rice in fried rice to be cauliflower, you’ll avoid excess calories and gain more vitamins and minerals.

How much weight will you lose on a meal plan?

Here’s the trick to meal plans: it all depends on you. As we mentioned, making healthier swaps and cooking protein-based meals will get you the vitamins and energy you need for the long haul while saving calories. There’s no magic number to a meal plan, and how many calories you need depend on a wide variety of lifestyle factors. Focusing on healthy meals will lower your calorie intake and shrink your waistband, but what matters most is setting up consistent eating habits. One of the best things about meal planning is how much leeway it gives for preference, so you can go for chicken stir fry or mushroom risotto depending on your mood. Have questions or want help setting up your meal plan? Contact us at 702.897.9797!

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