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Weight Loss Journey: 5 Motivational Ways to Lose Weight

Arguably the hardest part of any weight loss journey is staying motivated. The first month in the gym where you lose all kinds of fat while gaining muscle is followed quickly by a soul-crushing plateau. These ‘newb gains’, so-called in the fitness fanatic world for being muscle gains typical of a new gym-goer, are amazing for the first month or so. The allure quickly fades as your body becomes adjusted to the new routine. Before you know it, you’ve lost your motivation. Don’t fret! Our weight loss experts are here to bring back your motivational mojo. Here are our top ways to lose weight without losing motivation!

1. Set Realistic Weight Loss Expectations

It’s a lot easier to stay motivated on the path to weight loss success if you’re realistic in what results count as success. Setting realistic expectations at the beginning of your weight loss journey allows your mind to mentally adjust to the path, not just the goal. It’s easy to say ‘I want to lose 20 pounds’ but a lot harder to come to terms with how long it takes to safely lose that amount of weight. Instead of having a lofty goal, try something you have control over. For example, setting the expectation that you’ll go to the gym five times a week or eat less than 1,600 calories per day gives you control over the journey. This control is what stimulates your brain to keep going – also known as motivation.

2. Consistency is Better Than Over Performance

What matters most in any weight loss journey is consistency. It is better to have five days at 1,500 calories than to have one binge day and four days at 1,200 calories. It’s also better to have multiple relatively calm workouts a week than a single incredibly high-intensity one. The consistent path keeps your body and mental health stable throughout the weight loss journey. That doesn’t mean you can never have treats! The concept of ‘cheat meals’ is completely fine if you still maintain moderation. Going too forceful with one part of your weight loss plan and then splurging on the other part isn’t going to keep you motivated. You’ll burn out on the ups and downs much faster than if you stayed steadily on the same path.

3. Size Doesn’t Matter: Small Weight Loss Goals are Okay

One of the biggest reasons our weight loss experts see clients get frustrated with their weight loss plan is because they’re not hitting goals out of the ballpark left and right. It’s so easy to get lost in the trap of setting a high goal, working really hard towards it, and then falling just short of it. This leads to disappointment, which is never good for your mental health. Instead of shooting for the stars, set a path to them instead. Hop from small goal to small goal on your way towards the big one. The smaller reward when you hit a milestone on the way to your ultimate weight loss goal will keep you motivated to keep going.

4. Celebrate Every Accomplishment

We feel every pound lost deserves to be celebrated here at Advanced Medical Weight Loss! Waiting until you’ve got the ‘perfect body’ or your ‘ideal weight’ is only setting yourself up for disappointment. It’s possible once you hit that number you’ve been lusting after on the scale, you still won’t feel your best. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the little things! For some people, simply swapping an unhealthy snack with a healthier protein-packed alternative is an achievement worthy of a pat on the back. Others may beam with pride when they run a marathon. A motivational weight loss plan is one you feel good about, so don’t be shy about celebrating each step that makes you feel a bit better than before!

5. Write It All Down

It’s hard to stay motivated when you can’t physically see the changes you’re making. An easy way to fix this is to write down each step of your weight loss journey as you’re doing it. This can be through keeping a daily food journal to watch your habits change before your eyes or tracking your moods as you drop pound after pound. Getting to look at the changes laid bare before you helps you go ‘Yeah, I can do this’, ultimately motivating you to keep going!

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