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5 Healthy Holiday Diet Tips

Hanging out with family and friends for the holidays should be a time of joy and not one of anxiety! Unfortunately, if you’re trying to reduce your waistline the most wonderful time of the year may cause some panic. Some of the most popular options for holiday meals, such as ham or sweet potato casserole, are low in filling protein and high in added sugars and fats. Not exactly what you should grab if you’re looking to have a healthy holiday season! Fortunately, there are a few tweaks you can make to your holiday plans to turn a bursting belt into a svelte figure. Check out our healthy holiday diet tips below!

Amp Up Exercise to Balance Out Overeating

If you’re the type who just can’t pass up the stuffing, consider balancing it out with some exercise. Any weight loss professional will tell you that you can’t outrun your fork, but this doesn’t mean exercise won’t do you good. Incorporate active, healthy holiday activities after big meals to keep your metabolism up. Dance parties with the family are a great option that gets all ages moving. Depending on the time, take a walk outside and check out the neighbor’s Christmas light displays. The fresh air and physical activity will be good for you after a large meal.

Substitute Traditional Sides for Healthier Holiday Options

It hurts to admit it, but sides are usually the unhealthiest thing on the dinner table. Mashed potatoes loaded with butter and heavy cream pack a hefty caloric punch and the green bean casserole is more cream of mushroom soup than veggie. Instead of bringing the sweet potato casserole to mom’s, opt for a substitute, such as a healthy mashed sweet potato with coconut milk. Green bean casserole can be swapped out for oven-roasted fresh green beans and swap the pecan pie for a handful of candied pecans. Small swaps make a huge difference in the long run!

Even Out Large Meals with Healthy Meal Replacements

Your internal clock doesn’t reset calories at any set point, so as long as you keep consumption within your maintenance calories for a full 24-hour period you can avoid unnecessary weight gain. This means if you’ll be indulging in the evening, consider a meal replacement or a snack for breakfast and lunch. A healthy option would be a Proti-VLC smoothie for breakfast and a small turkey sandwich for lunch. Whatever small meal you opt for, make sure it contains plenty of protein to keep you full!

Skip the High-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Everyone on Pinterest knows the best part of adult holiday parties is the ‘nog. Holiday cocktails are a sneaky source of weight gain. From sugary cider to classic eggnog, alcohol not only fills you with empty calories but also lowers your inhibition. You end up imbibing more than you know fits within your maintenance calories without even realizing it! Skip the heavy eggnog this year and keep things festive with a healthier vodka soda with a splash of cranberry juice. You’ll still get the boozy glow and holiday flavors without blowing your diet. A popular option for this year’s healthy holiday is a seasonal hard seltzer and most remain under 100 calories.

Enjoy in Moderation, then Kickstart Your Weight Loss After

Don’t let the holidays be a time for worrying about your waistline! While being aware of your consumption is important, it should not be stressing you out. Having a healthy holiday may mean enjoying treats such as pie or eggnog and then focusing on a moderate diet after the season. This is not a bad thing, and we’re here to help! Kickstart your weight loss plan with some fat burner shots to flush out all the excess fats and sugars from the Christmas dinner, or consult with an expert to set up a prescription weight loss plan that works for your lifestyle. You’ll find that, with moderation, you’ll find yourself more motivated to reach your goals. For more healthy lifestyle tips and help during your weight loss journey contact Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center today!

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