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4 Simple Tips to Suppress Your Appetite

It’s hard to lose weight when you’re hungry all the time! It’s no secret that weight loss is more dependent on your diet than any other habit. With proper nutrition and caloric intake, your body should naturally maintain an average weight. Where this plan goes haywire is if you have an out-of-control appetite. Your appetite is a natural desire to satisfy a dietary craving. Most of the time, your need tells you ‘that looks good to eat’ and helps you consume an average amount of nutritious food. If you dine on unhealthy foods regularly, your appetite begins to skew towards overconsumption. Over time, you gain weight because your brain thinks anything looks good and tells you to eat more often than you need to. Our weight loss specialists have put together their top four tips on how to reverse this process and suppress your appetite.

Eat Plenty of Protein and Fiber

The first step you should always take when trying to suppress your appetite is to change your diet. Don’t focus on the calories first; focus on the amount of protein and fiber you consume. Studies have shown protein helps keep you satiated for longer. The addition of protein reduces your appetite to snack or overeat at your next meal. Try eating eggs for breakfast or mixing protein powder in with your oatmeal. Besides protein, you should have plenty of fiber throughout the day. Fruits, packed with natural fiber, are a great source of the nutrient. Complex carbohydrates also include lots of fiber. Choose carbohydrates like brown rice if you’re going with a grain. The more processed something is, generally, the less fiber and nutrients it has. Our weight loss specialists suggest incorporating more beans into your daily diet, as they offer both protein and fiber.


Consume Smaller Meals More Frequently

A general rule of thumb in keeping your appetite suppressed is to eat no less than every four hours. We find a diet consisting of multiple small meals and snacks every three to four hours to be the sweet spot. The small meals help trick your brain into thinking it’s getting regular sustenance, which in turn reduces the cravings you feel for your next meal. When you do eat, wait a bit before diving into seconds. Many people eat quickly, but your body needs to take some time to process the meal before sending signals to the brain saying it’s full. Wait about 20 minutes before tucking into another plate.


Stay Hydrated (But with the Right Stuff!)

Proper hydration is just as crucial as diet! Your body often indicates it wants food, but in reality, you need water. This confusion stems from a lack of proper hydration. You should drink approximately eight full cups of water per day to stay hydrated. Some foods include water, like celery, but many contain enough sodium to dehydrate you. A big reason people don’t drink enough water is they’re busy drinking other things. Beverages like soft drinks, fruit juices, smoothies, and of course, alcohol aren’t helping with your hydration. Even worse, they’re calorie-dense drinks! Switch from having soda to having a glass of flavored water, and your appetite will suppress itself.


Keep Endorphins High with Regular Exercise

Proper exercise is essential for more than just weight loss. Working out gives you an endorphin rush, which is terrific for keeping your mood elevated and your appetite suppressed. When you feel happy from endorphins, you’re less likely to reach for comfort foods. You feel more confident and are statistically more likely to make positive dietary choices after working out. While our weight loss specialists usually recommend morning workouts so you can ride your endorphin wave all day long, the time depends on your individual needs. Schedule an appointment with your weight loss specialist to find a program that fits your needs!

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